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A release artist is the [[Artist]] that appears in the "artist" database field of a [[Release]]. There can only be one release artist for each release. The release artist is the [[Primary Artist|PrimaryArtist]] for the release.
==Additional informations==
Guidelines for which artist has to be chosen are documented on the page [[Release Artist Style|ReleaseArtistStyle]]. Other artists associated with a release can be added using [[Advanced Relationships|AdvancedRelationships]] (see [[Secondary Artist|SecondaryArtist]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s for more details).
* [[Artist:e52ef1f8-ed25-490c-8e47-96b1d43c68b6|Masada]] is the primary artist for the release [[Release:0de01a23-4669-4273-ab03-9294dd710c33|Alef]]
* [[Artist:3f24c72a-2088-40fc-bf2d-843b1a3bd8ee|Eric Dolphy & Booker Little]] is the primary artist for the release [[Release:a0e6d676-3f14-421c-9e97-7da9aebce2f8|Memorial Album]]
* [[Artist:89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377|Various Artists]] is the primary artist for the compilation release [[Release:22b4b1b3-8dfa-477b-ac85-7a20b0600f71|Black Lion Connoisseur Series/Lions Abroad, Volume 1: Tenor Titans (disc 2)]]
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