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DonRedman is testing SubPages

Bowie, David







and /AnotherSubPage

  • It's kind of annoying, actually, since we don't actually use SubPages, but all sorts of stuff gets marked as sub-page links that shouldn't be, like GNU/Linux, On/Off. Is there some way to turn SubPage support off? @alex

@alex is testing anchors

--anchor here

-- anchor2 here

[http:#anchor test] -- relative anchor ref here

test2 -- absolute anchor ref here


DonRedman is testing long links with spaces:


Don't Do Stupid Things

Don't do stupid things

[Don't Do Stupid Things]

| Don't do stupid things

@alex is testing BackLink-preventing hacks:

[http:?CategoryWiki Category­Wiki] -- this external link still shows up in backlink

[http:?Candidate%46orDeletion Candidate­ForDeletion] -- this one doesn't (although if you click through it, it does show up "funny" (with %46 instead of F) in the browser location display).

[http:?CandidateForDeletion Candidate­ForDeletion] -- doesn't either, and has no funny % when you click through

@alex is testing tables

Header Left Header Right
Value left Value right

mo is testing unicode


  • mo, have you tried setting your browser to ISO-8869-1? I get the same as you if I set the page to shift JIS before pasting Japanese. UTF-8 comes out all funky, but ISO-8859-1 works. --Kiara kiara, I think that my problem might stem from XP and it's inherant 'not handling unicode well'-nes.

because no matter what I try I cannot seem to get it to work here on my mom's laptop ;) I am certain, was it my own trusty ME machine, it would have worked like a charm. I tried copying and pasting, changing the setting as I go, tried setting it to 'unicode' before I copied, to JIS for japanese, etc, and nothing works, it turns up the garbagled encoding that is really similar to the old 'misencoded' freeDB entries. If set the page to JIS japanese (actually I use 'auto-select Japanese, but it amounts to the same thing) I see the entry fine. But it doesn't work as unicode insertion. Unfortunately since I run IE (which has worked fine with unicode on my own comp) I have names with (DOS) or (ISO) or (WINDOWS) or etc next to them, but not the numbers you suggested. Which encoding would that be in IE's language, if you know?

  • Apparently it's "Western European (ISO)" (which makes sense, -1 covers western Europe). --Kiara

lemme see if this works (its thai) ÊÇÑʴդس¢¹ÁÁÑ¿¿Ô¹µÐ»ÙËÁØ´ÂÖ´·ÕèÁÕàʹèËì´Ö§´Ù´�DÍѹµÃÒÂgimmeá»Å¡¹éÍÂÁÒ¡.

that's odd.. it worked on OnlineTranslator ?? mo


azertus is testing a different TableLayout for the CountryCode page

AD File:an-flag.gif File:ad.gif Andorra File:AD.gif
AE File:ae-flag.gif File:ae.gif United Arab Emirates File:AE.gif File:AE.png ae.png
AF File:af-flag.gif File:af-flag.gif Afghanistan File:AF.gif AF.png
AG File:ac-flag.gif File:ag.gif Antigua and Barbuda AG - 2.png
AI File:av-flag.gif File:ai.gif Anguilla File:AI.gif
AL File:al-flag.gif File:al.gif Albania File:AL.gif
AM File:am-flag.gif File:am.gif Armenia File:AM.gif Egyptian hieroglyph Am.png
AN File:nt-flag.gif Pale green left-pointed arrows.png Netherlands Antilles File:AN.gif
AO File:ao-flag.gif File:ao.gif Angola File:AO.gif

@alex is testing formatting differences between UseMod and MoinMoin

UseMod style:

monospaced and bold text

Funny wiki name

piped wiki links

MoinMoin style

* !MoinMoin 
1 Number 1 
MoinMoin:: is one of many WikiNames 

monospaced and bold text

Funny wiki name

piped wiki links (don't quite work right, as you still get icon)

JohnCarter is testing UseMod vs MoinMoin linking. Don's & Dupuy's examples are handy!

The markup below all works correctly on UseMod. Hopefully, all these things will be translated correctly to MoinMoin. -- url

a labelled URL -- non-piped labelled url

a labelled URL -- piped labelled url

Wiki -- odd wiki name

Piped wiki link -- piped wiki link

--anchor here

[http:#anchor test] -- relative anchor ref here

test2 -- absolute anchor ref here

Foo bar!

1= ==2== ===3





'one ap' two aps three aps 'four aps'

List, maybe?

  • 1
  • 2
    • 22
    • 23
  • 3
  • 1
  • 2
    • 21
    • 22
  • 3
  • 1
    • 2
      • 3
        • 4
          • 5
            • 6
              • 7
                • 8
                  • 9

~mo is testing some arabic stuff

النشيد الوطني

نشيد وطني جزائري

قَسَمًا نشيد الجزائر الوطني، كتبه الشاعر

Test link. Quite impressive. The Wiki model [+adds+] [-a-] fantastic piece to open source 

Bioinformatica studeren in Leiden

AFAICT, the following says "Qassaman Binnazilat Ilmahiqat"

قسما بالنازلات الماحقا