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A series is a sequence of separate release groups, releases, recordings or works with a common theme. The theme is usually prominent in the branding of the entities in the series and the individual entities will often have been given a number indicating the position in the series.


Series properties


The series name is the official name of the series.


The type primarily describes what type of entity the series contains. The possible values are:

Release group
A series of release groups.
A series of releases.
A series of recordings.
A series of works.
A series of works which form a catalogue of classical compositions.

Ordering type

The ordering type determines whether the series is ordered automatically or manually.


Aliases are alternate names for a series, which currently have two main functions: localised names and search hints. Localised names are used to store the official names used in different languages and countries. These use the locale field to identify which language or country the name is for. Search hints are used to help both users and the server when searching and can be a number of things including alternate names, nicknames or even misspellings.


See the page about MBIDs for more information.

Disambiguation comment

See the page about disambiguation comments for more information.


See the page about annotations for more information.