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Series: Alan Lomax Recordings

A collection of compilations featuring recordings by musicologist Alan Lomax.

The Alan Lomax Collection

Currently some are under the artist The Alan Lomax Collection, which should be cleared by moving releases to VA, and tracks that cannot be identified to [unknown].

  1. The Alan Lomax Collection Sampler
  2. Calypso After Midnight
  3. Italian Treasury
    1. Calabria
    2. Emilia-Romagna
  1. The Classic Louisiana Recordings: Cajun & Creole Music 1934/1937

Deep River of Song

"...African-American field recordings made for the Library of Congress from 1933 to 1946, a transformative period when black singers of the South and the Bahamas created a new musical language that would captivate people all over the world." - Cultural Equity

  1. Alabama: From Lullabies to Blues
  2. Bahamas 1935: Chanteys and Anthems from Andros and Cat Island
  3. Bahamas 1935, Volume 2: Ring Games and Round Dances
  4. Big Brazos: Texas Prison Recordings, 1933 and 1934
  5. Black Texicans: Balladeers and Songsters of the Texas Frontier
  6. Black Appalachia: String Bands, Songsters and Hoedowns
  7. Georgia: I'm Gonna Make You Happy
  8. Louisiana: Catch That Train and Testify!
  9. Mississippi: The Blues Lineage: Musical Geniuses of the Fields, Levees and Jukes
  10. Mississippi: Saints & Sinners: From Before the Blues & Gospel
  11. South Carolina: Got the Keys to the Kingdom
  12. Virginia and the Piedmont: Minstrelsy, Work Songs, and Blues

World Library of Folk and Primitive Music

  1. Volume 2: Ireland