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# [[Series/DJ Kicks|DJ-Kicks]]  
# [[Series/DJ Kicks|DJ-Kicks]]  
# [[Series/Dream Dance|Dream Dance]]  
# [[Series/Dream Dance|Dream Dance]]  
# [[Series/Bach Hänssler|Die Kompletten Werke]]
# [[Series/Bach Hänssler|Die kompletten Werke]]
# [[Series/Fabric|Fabric]]
# [[Series/Fabric|Fabric]]
# [[Series/Fetenhits|Fetenhits]]  
# [[Series/Fetenhits|Fetenhits]]  

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In MusicBrainz Terminology, a series is a sequence of separate Releases or Tracks with a common theme, artist, label or genre; usually prominent in the naming of branding of releases or tracks in the series. For release series, individual releases are often denoted with a volume or series number, but this is not necessary for them to be considered a series. A series can vary between two and hundreds of releases.



  • Series of releases can be linked to each other using the PartOfSeriesRelationshipType AdvancedRelationship. Consult the documentation there for guidelines on when to use this relationship. Important: Not all series may be suitable for use with this relationship.
  • The community has agreed upon weak SeriesStyleGuidelines for a select number of release and track series. Other series have have de facto standards in place through community edit agreement.
  • SeriesNumberStyle discusses VolumeNumberStyle and PartNumberStyle which can apply to some release and track series.
  • SubTitleStyle is often used to separate the series' title and a specific release's title.

Sources for series information

Catalogs of series

The following is a non-exhaustive set of series cataloged in the MB documentation prior to the implementation of the PartOfSeriesRelationshipType. When/if such a relationship is implemented, many, or all of these series below should be linked with this relationship and then removed from the documentation.

Prior to the AR implementation, the standard was that if a series had ten releases or more, to create a page like below and add to the ReleaseAnnotation an entry like Series/DreamDance using the below markup:

  1. 20th Century Masters
  2. 20 Years on MTV
  3. Absolute
  4. Alan Lomax Recordings
  5. As & When
  6. Bach 2000: The Complete Bach Edition
  7. Bach Edition: Complete Works (Brilliant Classics)
  8. Back to Mine
  9. Big City Beats
  10. EMI/Toshiba Black Triangle
  11. Buddha-Bar
  12. Bugged Out!
  13. Café del Mar
  14. Chip Jockey
  15. Clubland
  16. Daytrotter Session
  17. DJ-Kicks
  18. Dream Dance
  19. Die kompletten Werke
  20. Fabric
  21. Fetenhits
  22. Fetenkult
  23. France Inter Black Sessions
  24. Future Trance
  25. fRoots
  26. Glenn Gould: The Complete Original Jacket Collection
  27. Global Underground
  28. Groove Experience
  29. Нашествие
  30. Hard Dance Mania
  31. HelloRecordingClub
  32. Hitdossier
  33. Die Hit-Giganten
  34. Hitzone
  35. Icon
  36. Indie20
  37. Isaac Stern: A Life in Music
  38. Jazz & Blues Collection
  39. Jazz in Paris
  40. Knuffelrock
  41. Kontor
  42. Kuschelrock
  43. Late Night Tales
  44. Masters of Hardcore
  45. Mayday Compilation
  46. Mellomania
  47. Ministry of Sound
  48. Mixmag
  49. MTVUnplugged
  50. Musique du monde
  51. Now That's What I Call Music!
  52. Putumayo
  53. Radio 538 Dance Smash Hits
  54. RAS Portraits
  55. Franz Schubert - The Masterworks
  56. SkitzMix
  57. So Fresh
  58. Sunshine Live
  59. Technics DJ Set
  60. Techno Club
  61. The Chronological Classics
  62. The Complete Piano Music of Franz Liszt Played by Leslie Howard
  63. The Romantic Piano Concerto (hyperion)
  64. The Vibe !
  65. Thunderdome
  66. Trojan Box Set
  67. Tunnel Trance Force
  68. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Complete Works (Brilliant Classics version)
  69. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Complete Mozart Edition (Philips version)
  70. XMix
  71. YTMND Soundtrack