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  1. 20th Century Masters
  2. 20 Years on MTV
  3. Absolute
  4. Back to Mine
  5. Café del Mar
  6. Daytrotter Session
  7. DJKicks
  8. Dream Dance
  9. Fetenhits
  10. Fetenkult
  11. fRoots
  12. Global Underground
  13. Hard Dance Mania
  14. HelloRecordingClub
  15. Hitdossier
  16. Die Hit-Giganten
  17. Hitzone
  18. Indie20
  19. Knuffelrock
  20. Kontor
  21. Kuschelrock
  22. Late Night Tales
  23. Mayday Compilation
  24. Ministry of Sound
  25. Mixmag
  26. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Complete Works (Brilliant Classics version)
  27. MTVUnplugged
  28. Now That's What I Call Music!
  29. Putumayo
  30. SkitzMix
  31. So Fresh
  32. Sunshine Live
  33. Techno Club
  34. Trojan Box Set
  35. XMix
  36. YTMND Soundtrack
  37. Bach Edition: Complete Works (Brilliant Classics)


To be put in the ReleaseAnnotation of each corresponding release in the series:


For example:


Shows as: Series/DreamDance


A series...

  • must have at least 10 releases.

Other Sources

There's a very comprehensive (German) site about sampler series in Germany.


Great idea! would it be wrong for me to add my (Sounds Direct) Rock compilation? there is also the 'Heavy 100' collection which is related. (I haven't added that yet). what do you think? ~mo

  • Yes, that's what it's here for. --chancey

I believe there should be a criteria, something simple like a minimum of 5 discs? --chancey

I've added Hello Recording Club - this was a bit different in that it was all original recordings, and had an associated label. Also, some of the monthly discs did in fact have titles apart from the series (although most just had the artist name). @alex

linking to these sites in Annotation

When using this link-style in annotations:


There will be an Error404 Not found, because it redirects you to page "". --MP_chefkoch