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#REDIRECT [[How_to_Add_Disc_IDs#Track_times_from_Disc_IDs]]
=Proposed Set Track Times from DiscID Feature=
'''Status:''' a similar feature has been implemented with [[Set Release Durations Edit|SetReleaseDurationsEdit]].
As part of the [[Calculate Track Times|CalculateTrackTimes]] proposal, I suggest a new [[Edit Type|EditType]] that would recalculate the track times on an album using one of the attached [[Disc ID|DiscID]]s.
==Current Mechanism==
Currently, track times are set automatically in some circumstances (see Current Mechanism in [[Calculate Track Times|CalculateTrackTimes]]), but this edit is not recorded as a moderation.
I propose that the new edit type would be employed in two ways.
# It would be applied by [[ModBot]] whenever an album gets a single [[Disc ID|DiscID]] as described in [[Calculate Track Times|CalculateTrackTimes]].
# It could be a manually triggered by [[Editor]]s to pick the best [[Disc ID|DiscID]] on albums with several.
The edit would be an [[Auto-Edit|AutoEdit]] for all users (including [[ModBot]]).  The edit would provide an audit trail, and if it's applied incorrectly, it's easy for another Editor to select a different [[Disc ID|DiscID]].
===Interface picking which DiscID===
A radio button could be added to the right hand end of each line of the [[Disc ID|DiscID]] detail table on the album details page.  Then add a "Set Track times from this [[Disc ID|DiscID]]" button.
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