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3 June 2023

     02:40  External Resources diffhist +152 Aerozol talk contribs Added Xythium Tag: Visual edit

2 June 2023

     13:53 User creation log User account Ba0wulf talk contribs was created ‎

1 June 2023

31 May 2023

     17:32  MusicBrainz Picard/Internationalization‎‎ 3 changes history +833 [OutsideContext‎ (3×)]
17:32 (cur | prev) 0 OutsideContext talk contribs
17:32 (cur | prev) -1 OutsideContext talk contribs Tag: Visual edit: Switched
17:31 (cur | prev) +834 OutsideContext talk contribs →‎Picard, Picard Website and Picard User Guide Internationalization: Note about translating keyboard shortcuts
     17:03  Server Internationalization‎‎ 2 changes history -1,250 [YvanZo‎ (2×)]
17:03 (cur | prev) +19 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Development: Move to a dedicated section
16:45 (cur | prev) -1,269 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Importing ISO lists: Drop as totally obsolete -- See instead

30 May 2023

     18:01  Internationalization‎‎ 17 changes history -3,510 [YvanZo‎ (17×)]
18:01 (cur | prev) -1,156 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Tagger: Actually drop (for the same reason: obsolete)
18:01 (cur | prev) -1 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Tagger: Drop as totally outdated, encoding issue was about obsolete OSes
15:56 (cur | prev) -348 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Advanced Search: Drop as localized aliases are now taken into account too
15:55 (cur | prev) -106 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Non-linguistic Locale issues: Drop as empty, and further internationalization MBS tickets can be found from the Discussion section
15:54 (cur | prev) -439 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Amazon links: Actually drop (for the same reason: each country store TLD is now preserved)
15:53 (cur | prev) -1 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Amazon links: Dropped as each country store TLD is now preserved.
15:51 (cur | prev) -245 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Release dates: Dropped as minor and reported to
15:43 (cur | prev) -355 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Track times: Dropped as no localization system even Unicode CLDR seems to support this anyway
15:26 (cur | prev) -809 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Bokmål vs. Nynorsk: Drop as outdated: Now we just follow Unicode CLDR which has both
14:26 (cur | prev) -228 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Countries: Remove extra countries that have either been accepted, or refused with documentation
14:15 (cur | prev) +325 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Countries: Finally add some information about their internationalization support
14:14 (cur | prev) -287 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Countries: Update after having refreshed the list of countries and having checked that mentioned bugs were obsolete
14:12 (cur | prev) -602 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Countries: Drop obsolete paragraphs as country flags are shown almost everywhere possible using collapsible lists nowadays
11:45 (cur | prev) +11 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Discussion: Fix the link explaining how wiki pages are named
11:38 (cur | prev) +27 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Discussion: Update link to the attached discussion page, and encourage moving further extension elsewhere (to either community forums or tickets)
11:35 (cur | prev) -164 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Discussion: Drop old mailing lists (even their archives are no longer available)
11:34 (cur | prev) +868 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Discussion: Add community forum’s category and tag / ticket’s label
     14:24  Release/Country‎‎ 4 changes history +137 [YvanZo‎ (4×)]
14:24 (cur | prev) +178 YvanZo talk contribs →‎What a Release Country is not: not a short name for a small group of known countries such as Benelux
13:32 (cur | prev) -24 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Exhaustive List: Unknown Country has been removed.
13:28 (cur | prev) -17 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Description: Unlink historical page
13:27 (cur | prev) 0 YvanZo talk contribs Mark as reviewed, add to WikiDocs
     13:24  (Move log) [YvanZo‎ (2×)]
13:24 YvanZo talk contribs moved page Talk:Release Country to Talk:Release/Country(Follow the same subpage pattern as other Release attributes)
13:24 YvanZo talk contribs moved page Release Country to Release/Country(Follow the same subpage pattern as other Release attributes)
     13:21  Release Country diffhist -102 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Exhaustive List: Update from an SQL query and keep the formatting for already listed historical countries.
     11:01  MusicBrainz Summit/23 diffhist -2 RobertKaye talk contribs Tag: Visual edit

29 May 2023

     17:27  MetaBrainz Meeting/Regulars diffhist +57 Reosarevok talk contribs
     11:37  MusicBrainz Summit/23 diffhist +249 RobertKaye talk contribs Add lodgings and note about cocktail party Tag: Visual edit
     06:41  User:Aerozol‎‎ 4 changes history +3,133 [Aerozol‎ (4×)]
06:41 (cur | prev) +229 Aerozol talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
06:36 (cur | prev) +1,408 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Broadcast wiki page draft: aligning vgm guidelines more with soundtrack guidelines Tag: Visual edit
04:40 (cur | prev) +483 Aerozol talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
04:29 (cur | prev) +796 Aerozol talk contribs added the early seeds of a raw format vgm guideline Tag: Visual edit

28 May 2023

     15:54  MusicBrainz Picard/Internationalization‎‎ 2 changes history +46 [Rdswift‎ (2×)]
15:54 (cur | prev) +27 Rdswift talk contribs →‎Template variables
15:48 (cur | prev) +19 Rdswift talk contribs IRC does not guarantee "instant" communications.

27 May 2023

     17:18  MusicBrainz Picard/Internationalization diffhist +3,153 Rdswift talk contribs Add more examples of translation considerations. Standardize headings.

26 May 2023

N    23:32  MusicBrainz Picard/Internationalization‎‎ 5 changes history +10,268 [Rdswift‎ (5×)]
23:32 (cur | prev) +217 Rdswift talk contribs Add note about formatting with asterisks.
23:26 (cur | prev) +4,330 Rdswift talk contribs Add information regarding Sphinx rst file formatting in the "User Guide Translation Specific Items" section
21:58 (cur | prev) -32 Rdswift talk contribs Hide pending url.
17:57 (cur | prev) +3,110 Rdswift talk contribs Reformat to include new placeholder sections.
17:03 (cur | prev) +2,659 Rdswift talk contribs Created page with "= Translation = == Getting started == If you want to help translate the text displayed in MusicBrainz Picard, the [ Picard website] or the docu..."
N    15:05 Website/Internationalization diffhist +1,768 YvanZo talk contribs Create a MeB.o i18n page for translators mainly even though it’s not currently used, with pointers to WIP
     12:16  CritiqueBrainz:Internationalization‎‎ 2 changes history -8 [YvanZo‎ (2×)]
12:16 (cur | prev) -22 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Viewing the translations: No threshold for translations being used, just manual selection.
12:15 (cur | prev) +14 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Communication: Set URL for the new “Internationalization” forum category