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The artist name is the official name of an artist, whether it is a person or a band. In most cases, it is the name as found on releases. If an artist uses multiple names, see the guidelines for artists using multiple names for more details.

Note that you can change how an artist is credited on a release or track when you enter that release. There is usually no need to add a new artist to the database if the artist is already present in our database under a (slightly) different name.

Sort name

See the guidelines for sortnames.


Comments should be kept fairly short, with just enough information that someone reading it will recognize the artist they're looking for. The comment field is not a place to store general background information about the artist, that kind of information should go in the artist's annotation.


  • Randy Jackson has the comment "Brother of Michael and Janet."
  • Randy Jackson has the comment "Former bassist with Journey and American Idol Judge"


For people, use the country where they were born and raised. For groups, use the country where the band was formed. If the artist is predominantly active in a different country, use that country instead.



See the guidelines for aliases.