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#REDIRECT [[Style/Artist_Credits#Featured_artists]]
This guideline applies to cases in which one or more artists are ''featured'' on a track or release by another artist, but not equally as they would be in a collaboration. That is, they are not really considered the "main" artist for the track or release, but they're given credit on the cover or track listing in a manner which elevates their contribution above normal liner note credits. Often, they're listed as “featuring” or “feat.”.
== Guideline ==
Featured artists should be added to the artist credit, in the format "Primary Artist feat. X, Y & Z". That's to say, they should follow the primary artist(s), and be separated from them with the join phrase " feat. ". Each featured artist should be separated by a comma, with & before the last. For information on how to do this, see [[How to Use Artist Credits]].
If the release uses a word different from "featuring" (or an abbreviation of it), e.g. "with", "con" or "avec", use that word as the join phrase instead of " feat. ".
== Rationale ==
Using artist credits (instead of listing the featured artist as [[Style/Titles#Extra_title_information|extra title information]]) allows us to show the releases and recordings under all credited artists, not just the primary ones.
# "[[artist:73e5e69d-3554-40d8-8516-00cb38737a1c|Rihanna]] feat. [[artist:f82bcf78-5b69-4622-a5ef-73800768d9ac|Jay‐Z]]" is the artist credit for [[recording:124eda51-0acd-4533-9020-7490b5ce95ba|Umbrella]].
# "[[artist:79239441-bfd5-4981-a70c-55c3f15c1287|Madonna]] feat. [[artist:1036b808-f58c-4a3e-b461-a2c4492ecf1b|Nicki Minaj]] & [[artist:7cf0ea9d-86b9-4dad-ba9e-2355a64899ea|M.I.A.]]" is the artist credit for [[release:37df7664-0924-4594-8d07-9d48fa47ced0|Give Me All Your Luvin']].
# "[[artist:9e2990ab-4d3d-4fb5-bd9b-1252440f043a|Tinchy Stryder]] feat. [[artist:bb7dd5d7-95e6-46a0-9692-cb99134995b6|Giggs]], [[artist:7684f1ee-2154-475f-b05d-608c91a0e3e9|Professor Green]], [[artist:3cce3d37-d44f-46a2-b1e3-cd7247d5015c|Tinie Tempah]], [[artist:a2006708-8bc2-41bc-a9e9-72d14d7ce850|Devlin]], [[artist:ddeb3502-8693-4619-b41d-263105f84477|Example]] & [[artist:54266e9c-7098-48ea-bb70-e25fdfa14227|Chipmunk]]" is the artist credit for [[recording:b040d89e-190f-47a0-af7f-20534101056c|Game Over]].
#*The cover for this release has "featuring" which we shorten it to "feat".
# "[[artist:6ec73176-6ea6-49d3-87e8-35b5fe6813f5|Promoe]] med [[artist:541ebc51-8d70-4d9f-9950-b702cec3c68d|Afasi]]" is the artist credit for [[recording:8e236347-61d6-4e11-9980-52f4cc6b905f|Inflation]].
#*Since "med" is not a variation of "feat.", we just use what the release says.
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