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Status: Pre-RFC for English Language-specific CSG standardization

Catalogue & number

Opus and number should always be lower-cased and abbreviated: op. and no. If they are used together, space is delimiter. Specific catalogues (eg. Köchel) should follow their usual style.


op.27 no.3
Symphony no.5


The word "in" should always precede the key name.


If the key name contain the words "sharp" or "flat", they should be in lower case and a hyphen should be used as delimiter.


The words "major" & "minor" are always lower-cased.

  • Following the style in Grove, "major" or "minor" does not have to be added


A-flat major
C-sharp minor
Concerto in D
Symphony in E major

Quotes & libretti

Although capitalization should follow MB standard capitalization/English, librettos & quotes should follow sentence style. Use double quotes if a different character has been used (' or something)