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This page outlines the capitalization rules for the Greek language. It forms part of the MusicBrainz CapitalizationStandard.

Στα ελληνικά

  • please add translation of capitalization rules in Greek

In English

Only the first word of the title should be capitalized. Use normal Greek grammar rules for the rest of the title.

Note that Greek has two lowercase forms for sigma (Σ): the standard lowercase form (σ) and the word-final form (ς). When correcting the capitalization of a title that is in all uppercase, be sure to use the correct form (e.g. "ΣΤΑ" becomes "στα", and "ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ" becomes "Βασίλης"). Until Bug 1021537 is resolved by making the "Guess Case" button smarter about choosing the correct form for lowercase final sigma, you need to make this correction manually.