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Miscellaneous Guidelines

This page is for small guidelines that don't need their own wiki page.

Compatibility Guidelines

These guidelines exist to minimize unnecessary compatibility problems with clients that don't fully support Unicode.

Use of Quotation Marks (" and ')

  • Use standard ASCII single and double quotes " and ' rather than the enhanced versions.
  • Use " (one double quote) for inch.
  • Use ' (one single quote) for feet.

Use of Ellipsis Mark (...)

  • Use "..." (3 full stops) for an ellipsis rather than the special ellipsis character "…".
    • This was discussed on the mailing list here.

"Top something" Playlists

Bootleg torrents that are compilations based on playlists of charts authorities (like Billboard's) should not be stored in MusicBrainz as releases. These playlists are often copyrighted by their issuers.

Other Do-Not's

There's some guiding information available WhatNotToLinkTo. It is not an OfficialStyleGuideline, but is information that should help while editing.