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See the guidelines for recording and release group titles for how to enter the recording's title.


【initial guidance, it can be improved later】

The artist should usually be the same as the first release of the recording.


【set automatically?】

What should and shouldn't be merged together?

A recording is intended to represent unique audio. This means you:

  • should normally merge recordings with the same ISRC.
  • should normally not merge recordings with different ISRCs.
  • shouldn't merge different performances (which includes re-recordings, live versions and versions with different lyrics)
  • shouldn't merge different recordings of a performance (e.g. a live bootleg recorded by multiple people)
  • shouldn't merge different edits, mixes or remixes of a performance.
  • shouldn't merge recordings which have conflicting relationships.


An ISRC should, in theory, correspond to a single recording in MusicBrainz and a recording should correspond to a single ISRC. However, in practice, mistakes are sometimes made. In such cases, annotations are recommended.