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(some more rambly notes and examples: User:Ianweller/Radio show style examples)

Things that need to be added:

  • "Radio" as an extra release type


Release type

The release type should be set to "Other + Radio". If the show was recorded in front of a live studio audience, add "Live".

Release name

Follow this format: YYYY-MM-DD: Title[: Location]

Only include Location if it is a live recording. Don't add the location for studio recordings. Location is of this syntax: [Venue, ]City, [State, ]Country


  • 2012-06-30: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!: State Theatre, Cleveland, OH, USA
  • 2012-07-07: The Writer's Almanac

Artist credit

Artist credit should be given to the groups or people given at the beginning of the program. Examples:

  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!: NPR & WBEZ Chicago — "From NPR and WBEZ Chicago, this is "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" ..."
  • All Things Considered: NPR News (NPR) — "From NPR News, this is All Things Considered ..."

If the only people listed at the beginning of the program are the hosts, or if there are no people or groups listed at the beginning of the program, use your best judgement for the artist credit. Examples:

Track listings

For programs separated into segments when distributed (for example, separate downloads for each segment, or a player which loads a new file for each segment), list each segment as a separate track. The track title should be the title of the segment from the distributor, if useful.

For programs distributed as a single file or track, use only one track, and title it the same as the release.