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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-28
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: In development

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A theater release is a recording of a work for the theatre involving music, songs, and/or spoken dialogue, occasionally also including dance. Typically these works are of a musical nature, but they may also be dramatic or comedic in nature. This guideline does not apply to compilations of songs from different shows being sung by a one or more performers, unless the songs are compiled as part of a theatrical revue.

This guideline specifically applies only to non-opera theater releases. Opera, (non-musical theater) film and television soundtracks, and video game soundtracks are covered by different style guidelines. Depending on the release, classical style or audiobook style also may be more appropriate.


  • Applies:
    • [[Release-group:fc880131-a062-36ef-98ba-27d6c94a9100.html>A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (2005 Encores! Cast)]]
      Live recording of a musical theater work
    • Oklahoma! (1998 London Cast)
      Studio recording of a musical theater work
    • Godspell (1973 Film Cast)
      Recording of a filmed musical theater work; Theater soundtrack style overrides soundtrack style.
  • Does not apply:

Basic Guidelines

  • The release type should be Soundtrack.
  • The release, release group, and track artist should be the composer(s), not the performer(s), lyricist(s), and/or librettist(s).
  • The release and release group titles should exclude extra title information information such as "Original Soundtrack", "Music from," etc., except that:
    • The performance cast (with year) should be used in the release title to distinguish the release from other versions of the soundtrack.
      Example: Carousel (1956 Film Cast)
    • Caution: Guess Case lowercases the word "original" within parenthesis. Make sure that the capitalization in the release title is correct:
Correct:   Allegro (1947 Original Broadway Cast)
Incorrect: Allegro (1947 original Broadway Cast)