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Style for Extra Title Information

Attributes of titles (like mix names etc.) should be entered in parentheses after the title. These attributes should be in lower case, except for proper names (including titles given to mixes).

This StyleGuideline applies to ExtraTitleInformation of TrackTitles and AlbumTitles.

Basically this is an OfficialStyleGuideline, but since the content of this page needs some review, I would still consider it a ProposedStyleGuideline concerning specific details.


The specific cases of ExtraTitleInformation are dealt with in a page of their own. Note, however, that unifiying the following guidelines is still under way:


Blue (extended mix)

Talking All That Jazz (Torti's Old School Mix of Edits dub)

Bear Witness (Automator's 2 Turntables and a Razor Blade re-edit)

Disciple (demo)


Tarragon this page is not about remixes alone anymore. It looks to me as if some guidelines could be merged into a new simplified guideline or the distinction between them has to be clearly defined. Just look at this: ExtraInformationStyle, ThingsToLeaveOutStyle, TrackAttributesStyle.

I would propose a page ExtraTitleInformationStyle. This one could explain the general way of dealing with ExtraTitleInformation and then it could link to detailed pages: RemixStyle, VersusStyle, SoundtrackTitleStyle (or simply SoundtrackStyle), BonusDiscStyle, ThingsToLeaveOut, ThingsToDoWithAdvancedRelationship etc.

Sorry that I don't do this myself, I really have to spend my time on my master's thesis :-( --DonRedman

  • For example I think "(excerpt)" and "(highlights)" should be in that ExtraInformationStyle: in brackets and lowercase and note it's not a track only matter. --ClutchEr2

Tarragons Text of Reference

Alert.png This is old and should be worked into the above! 11. It is currently not possible to store all information about releases that people might be interested in. Rather than clutter release/track titles with too much information, the following details should be left out:

  • Disc numbers of CD singles (** This is under review and will probably change).
  • Country of release or designation as an import
  • Record label
  • Designation as a "bonus track"
  • Any other information not discussed in this guide.