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Status: This is an official style guideline.

Additional information on a release or track name that is not part of its main title, but intended to distinguish it from different releases or tracks with the same main title (such as version/remix names or live recording info), should be entered in parentheses after the main title.

Titles of mixes/versions are formatted according to the appropriate language's guidelines; the other parts of this extra information should be in lower case except for words that would normally be capitalised in the language.

Note that this does not apply to sub‐titles, as explained in the subtitles guidelines, since they are handled as parts of the main title. It also doesn't apply to OverClocked ReMix tracks, see OC ReMix series for more info about those.

If a release includes a designation such as EP or E.P., 7", CD, LP, single, etc. as part of its title, we consider that part of the main title, so it should not be removed, and should also not be put in parentheses.

Note Note: This guideline applies to tracks and releases, not recordings. The only existing guidelines for extra track information on recordings are the guidelines for live performance data.


  • Situations Like These (album version)
  • Blue (extended mix)
  • Talking All That Jazz (Torti’s Old School Mix of Edits dub)
  • Bear Witness (Automator’s 2 Turntables and a Razor Blade re‐edit)
  • Disciple (demo)

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