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Style for OC ReMix tracks

This page describes the style to be used for OverClocked ReMix (OC ReMix) tracks. Enter these tracks as follows:

  • GameName 'Title' OC ReMix

This includes the two single quotes.

All OC ReMix tracks should be listed as NonAlbumTracks.

Since OC ReMixes are not remixes but new compositions, RemixStyle does not apply and hence this style is used.


  • Final Fantasy 6 'Little Painter Girl' OC ReMix Chrono Trigger 'Revival Day Impoetus' OC ReMix


This contents of this page is derived from discussions on the mailing lists:,


This style guideline doesn't reflect the official specification at OC ReMix. I asked about this discrepency in the #ocremix channel, and all I got was hostility:

I didn't get any sort of an answer after that. This style guideline should probably be fixed to match this line in the official standard tagging specification (the lines that pertain to OCReMix are highlighted in red on that page):

4.2.1 TT2 Title/Songname/Content description ALWAYS = Exact name of Game [space] Exact name of ReMix [space] OC ReMix E.G. Actraiser Fillmore Funk OC ReMix

Either that, or djpretzel should update his specification to match the style guideline described on this very page, based on the mailing list discussions, which stem directly from his input on the matter.

Also, is it possible to have a thousand-track album? If so, then all OC ReMix tracks should be moved over to one album, which is how djpretzel said he wanted it to be presented.