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Style for PartNumbers

Applies to songs that have been split across multiple tracks.

When a track is one of a series of identically named tracks with a defined order, separate the PartNumber from the TrackTitle by a comma and a space.

"TrackTitle, Part 1"

This guideline is a specification of the more general SeriesNumberStyle. See that page for principles (especially in which cases ArtistIntent overrides this guideline).

Alternative names for parts may be used, such as Section, or their non-English equivalents.

  • Note that if the title of a track is just "Part 1" or similar then this guideline should not apply, because then "Part 1" is considered the TrackTitle and not the PartNumber.
  • Also note that the AbbreviationStyle says that you should not use abbreviations in titles. So "Pt." should always be expanded to "Part" (assuming the AlbumLanguage is English).


"Flares, Part 3" --

"09-15-00, Part One" --

"Creepin', Parts 1 & 2" -- Two numbers are noted using an ampersand "&", the part indication in its plural form.

"Train to Lamy Suite, Parts 1-3" -- More than 2 numbers, which are in sequence are separated by a hyphen "-", the part indication in its plural form.

"This Is a Trackname, Parts 1, 4 & 5" -- More than 2 numbers, which are *not* in sequence are separated by a comma "," and the last one is added with an ampersand "&", the part indication in its plural form.


Please see SeriesNumberStyle for details.


I have albums where the first part of the track series has no part number, despite a second part existing. In this case I think we should leave that numberless, as it could be considered the 'original' or 'main' version of the song. --Gecks

Q: Is it ok to have numbers spelled out?

A: Yes it is ok to have the spelled out - see the examples on SeriesNumberStyle.

Q: What if a track "Some Trackname (Pt. 1)" is featured with the said title on a compilation? Should it stick to the formatting as it were in sequence with the other parts of the series, e.g. "Some Trackname, Part 1"? I'm in favor of applying PartNumberStyle to all track names which have some notation of Pt, Pts and other variants. --g0llum

A: ?

Q: Should stuff not be added to TrackTitles in parantheses, like in TrackAttributesStyle and RemixStyle?

A: As long as it is consistant, use the format the artist uses. Parts are almost always shown with a preceeding comma on tracklistings, rather than track attributes (eg mix names). Also, we consider PartNumbers to be more a part of the title than ExtraTitleInformation, they are special.

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