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Applies to [[Release]]s that are part of a [[Series]].
'''When a release is one of a [[Series]] and are labeled as volumes, separate the [[Volume Number|VolumeNumber]] from the [[Main Title|MainTitle]] by a comma like so:'''
:'''"''ReleaseTitle'', Volume 2"'''
"''UK Space Techno, Volume 5''"
"''Café del Mar, Volumen Cinco''"
This guideline is a specification of the more general [[Style/Recording and release group titles/Series numbers|Series numbers]] guideline. See that page for principles and details.
Alternative names for volumes may be used, such as Tome, Book, Part, or their non-English equivalents.
* Note that if the [[Main Title|MainTitle]] of a Release is just "''Volume 1''" or similar then this guideline should not apply!
* Also note that the [[Style/Recording and release group titles/Abbreviations|Abbreviations]] guidelines says that you should not use abbreviations in titles. So "Vol." should always be expanded to "Volume" (assuming the [[Release Language|ReleaseLanguage]] is English).
* Also note that the [[Subtitle|SubTitle]] of a release of a series must be formatted according to the [[Style/Recording and release group titles/Subtitles|Subtitles]] guideline.
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