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Status: This is an official style guideline.

Applies to Releases that are part of a Series.

When a release is one of a Series and are labeled as volumes, separate the VolumeNumber from the MainTitle by a comma like so:

"ReleaseTitle, Volume 2"


"UK Space Techno, Volume 5"

"Café del Mar, Volumen Cinco"


This guideline is a specification of the more general Series numbers guideline. See that page for principles and details.

Alternative names for volumes may be used, such as Tome, Book, Part, or their non-English equivalents.

  • Note that if the MainTitle of a Release is just "Volume 1" or similar then this guideline should not apply!
  • Also note that the Abbreviations guidelines says that you should not use abbreviations in titles. So "Vol." should always be expanded to "Volume" (assuming the ReleaseLanguage is English).
  • Also note that the SubTitle of a release of a series must be formatted according to the Subtitles guideline.