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The style council is the institution in MusicBrainz that creates and edits the official style guidelines, by following the the proposal system. The style council was reformed many times, as it did not work well initially. See the history of the council for details. The council has reached a relatively balanced state now.


There is no formal membership to the style council. If you are an interested contributor to MusicBrainz and reasonably well informed about existing style guidelines, MusicBrainz development and the general culture of the project, you are welcome to subscribe to the style mailing list and join the discussions.

There are however two formal positions of "supervisors" of the general style process:

Robert Kaye is the elder and benevolent dictator of MusicBrainz style issues. If the style process goes off the rails, or if someone disputes the style leaders' decisions, the elder steps in.
Style Leader
Nikki and Reosarevok are the current style leaders. They guide the style process and keep it from getting stuck. If the council cannot reach consensus they will make a decision. This position was previously called "secretary".