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Style Issues

Style issues are problems of any kind with the current OfficialStyleGuidelines, the AdvancedRelationships system or with the choice of data that MusicBrainz offers (e.g. the ReleaseLanguages or ReleaseCountry).

They are resolved in a community process by the StyleCouncil.

Bug Tracker

There is a list list of open style issues in the MusicBrainz BugTracker. How actively is still used?


  • (Shepard, after a comment from DonRedman): Is this not used anymore? I always put a lot of work in keeping it up to date, was this to no purpose? -- Shepard 21:05, 01 November 2006 (UTC)
    • When I said, that this was not used anymore, I meant that I have not seen it being referred to on the StyleMailingList for quite a while. Is anybody using the tracker? -- DonRedman 08:17, 02 November 2006 (UTC)