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The intent of this page is to keep track of releases and tracks and artists which are AR'ed in a non-optimal way (ie., with less information than what is available or with presumed information). If an instrument is listed repeatedly below, please do not hesitate to add it to InstrumentAdditionDiscussion! Also, if you're using this page, please give the parent page (FrederikSOlesen) a look and give some thoughts to the comments on this page there. Thank you. :)

Per artist

  • Bjørslev, Henrik & Sunesen, Jakob
    • Beyond Boundaries
      • Tracks 1-5, 9, 10, 12-16, and 18 should have "transverse flute" replaced by "Wooden flute" (I'm fairly convinced that it's a transverse wooden flute though... -- FrederikSOlesen 13:45, 13 May 2007 (UTC))
      • Track 6 has a "Boehm flute" for the "transverse flute". (Use Google.)
      • The "harpsichord" credited throughout is actually a "spinet".
  • Cottars, The
    • Made in Cape Breton
      • Ciarán and Fiona MacGillivray and Roseanne MacKenzie all performed "stepdancing" on the release (not credited at all in the ARs).
      • Roseanne MacKenzie's "background vocals" should be "harmony vocals"
    • On Fire!
      • Various production and miscellaneous credits, as well as guest artists. See release annotation.
      • Roseanne MacKenzie's "other percussion" should be "stepdancing"
      • Roseanne MacKenzie's and Fiona MacGillivray's "other vocals" should be "harmony vocals"
      • Ciaran MacGillivray's "Strat" is credited as "electric guitar"
      • Loch Tay Boat Song is credited in the inlay to "H. Boulton-R. McLeod". I've enquired on MudCat's fora as to what the relation is to "R. McLeod".
  • Don Cherry often performs "Pocket Trumpet", which in a good number of occasions is credited simply as "Trumpet".
  • Gaelic Storm
    • Bring Yer Wellies
      • Track 1 written by "Twigger / Murphy"; Track 2 by "Twigger *"; Track 3 by "Murphy / Wehmeyer / Twigger *"; Track 4 by "Twigger *"; Track 5 by "Murphy / Twigger / Trad Lyrics *"; Track 6 by "Peter Purvis *", though I have to check whether none of the tunes are trad.; Track 7 by "Murphy / Wehmeyer / Twigger *"; Track 8 by "Trad *"; Track 9 and 10 by "Twigger *"; Track 11 by "Trad *"; Track 12 by "Twigger / Murphy *"; Track 13 by "Trad *"; Track 14 by "Twigger / Murphy / Wehmeyer / Reid *"
      • *All songs/tunes arranged by Gaelic Storm
      • Peter Purvis' two bagpipes should be "Deger Pipes" and "Highland Pipes". His tin whistle is listed as "whistles".
      • Steve Twigger plays mandolins, in plural.
      • Ellery Klein sings "bkg" vocals, translated to background in current AR.
      • Ryan Lacey plays straight out "percussion", not arbitrarily "percussion instruments".
  • Islanders, The
    • On the Rocks
      • All tracks are attributed to "Trad.". This needs to be researched, as they seem to have been 'large' in using that term. (The first track has lyrics by Robert Burns, for example.)
      • Sleeve design by Lars Rud Fyhn.
      • Recorded at UNILYD, Kvong, Denmark. (Doesn't say by whom, unless that's the engineer...)
  • Pretty much every artwork role. (They're usually in the annotations.)
    • * Black Brick Road: artwork and layout by Bjo:rn Gustafsson. Lead guitars composed and performed by Magnus Sahlgren.
  • Nielsen, Sussie
    • After Rain
      • Track 3 has an unknown harp.
      • Track 8 has "pipe droning" - but it's not known what kind of pipe it is (or even if it's a pipe at all).
  • Trabjerg, Anders
    • Boxed
      • Anders Trabjerg plays a "melodion" (credited as "diatonic accordion"), a "button accordion" (should probably be credited as a diatonic accordion), and a "continental accordion" (credited as and is probably 'just' a button accordion).
      • "design/illustration by" Filippa von Essen should be "Cover Design"
  • Plexure by John Oswald
    • Multiple ARs not possible currently, all noted in the annotation. Also, it includes an interesting Artist - Distributor (ie Label) AR credit

Per release

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