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AmazonRelationshipType Discussion


Is it useful to add ASINs when there is no cover art for them? I'd say yes as it can help to differentiate multiple versions of a release when each of them is linked to the correct ASIN. Does it make sense to add multiple ASINs though? Probably not. Listing the details in ReleaseAnnotationStyle in the ReleaseAnnotation is more descriptive anyways. I think the cover art of the first one is shown, so it does also not help with this. --Shepard

  • Both can make sense, at least it doesn't hurt to do it, and yes with the new release, the first ASIN is shown (currently it's the last), but I plan to make it possible to select the ASIN, that should be used for the cover. --Fuchs
    • Should items be added that are not sold by amazon (anymore?): If there is a valid amazon url which shows whatever content about the release, why should the ASIN not be added? if someone is looking to buy it, they can buy it from any of the sellers listed there, even if it is not sold by amazon directly. if someone is looking for a coverart, they might find an image uploaded by a seller there, although with no guarantee that it is the proper image. --Keschte (see this moderation for a discussion)

It would seem as well, if the page is listed as "Created by seller" this is another block to loading the image with the ASIN number AR mod. Thanks nechto13 for noting that!--Nyght

Just because cover art doesn't exist now doesn't mean it won't in the future. If the album name, track name, label, catalog information, and ASIN is all there and accurate should we withhold referencing all of that simply because there's not a pretty image on it and hope that somebody in the future can find an link the right page? And my knowledge of Picard isn't too great but isn't the "buy" link there powered by ASIN? If Amazon sees a bunch of sales references comming from the MB "buy" link it may be a future revenue source for MB. Like I said I'm not sure how Picard works but the ASINs definately have more use than just album art.--Kerensky97

  • to expand on your first point. -- totally. i added the new Les Claypool ASIN when the image wasn't on amazon .. three days later it appeared when amazon added it. --BrianG

Re style part 1, what if there exists no amazon store for the country in question? I've added ASINs for australian releases, which will be imports no matter which amazon store I pick. -- MartinRudat 07:50, 21 May 2006 (UTC)

  • I was about to make the exact same point. I think an exception should be made to that rule, there are more countries in the world than the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Japan. --Mdhowe

I think there are rare times that it's ok to use an import ASIN. Weigh in on the discussion in the forums here. I don't want to clutter this page with a long discussion.--Kerensky97