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Where should transcription go? --ClutchEr2

    I have the same question. I add a comment and a related question.
  • First, it seems to me that transcription should be its own relationship. I have an album of classical-guitar pieces played by Manuel Barrueco, and some tracks say he (or someone else) "transcribed" them and others say he "arranged" them. In MB, however, Barrueco is just listed as an arranger in the track title. (See 300 Years of Guitar Masterpieces.)
  • Second, should track titles themselves say "(arr. Joe Smith)," or should that information just be captured by the Relationship Type variable?
  • bhagerty

Vocal arrangements

How should one note that someone arranged vocals (perhaps only a specific kind of vocals) on a track/release? --FrederikSOlesen


With the VocalRelationshipAttribute you can specify for which vocal the person did the arrangement.

I suggest that vocal arrangement arrangement should be documentated as per above, and be work completely analogous to the instrumental arrangement, i.e. arrangement of any vocal in the vocal tree can be specified. -- foolip 15:14, 27 December 2007 (UTC)


Hey dudes. How would I AR "Co-arranged by DJ T-bone" as credited on [[[Image:dscf1617yn6.jpg]] Track 12]? In lack of a "Co-" attribute that other ARs have I was thinking of using the only other (relevant-ish?) attribute, "additional", but then the wiki does helpfully (:p) state that no guidelines exist for that. -- TimeDilation

  • I would use the additional attribute as it normally implies a secondary role. The 'co-' attribute of the producer (and others?) AR is sort of special because a "co-producer" has certain connotations beyond "the other producer" or "the secondary producer". I'm not sure if "co-arranged by" has the same connotations. -- Gecks