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Discussion about Artist Aliases

I can't really see the distinction between the "Localization" case and that of "Transliteration"; in both cases the name is being converted across alphabets while trying to preserve pronunciation, I think. - DaveEvans

  • The distinction is minimal. With "Localization" there is an official transliteration but it differs from country to country. With "Transliteration" there is no official transliteration; e.g. there are different modes of writing arab names in latin alphabets all over the world. --DonRedman Don has it pretty much right, although I would add that localizations don't necessarily reflect official transliterations, just that different transliterations may be more appropriate for different languages due to their pronounciation of letters. Furthermore, localization isn't (necessarily) a conversion between alphabets, e.g. Tchaïkovski is entirely representable within the English alphabet (we use i-dieresis for naïve) but is not the standard spelling in that language. It is true that in many cases aliases exhibit both localization and transliteration. @alex

Something like the following: 
  • [19:07 11/19] <dupuy> I guess once we have better AR stuff, we could add a new type of alias that maps a single name onto multiple artists

is needed for handling cases like the various m-flo related releases which are put out as "m-flo loves Crystal Kay", "m-flo loves Yoshiki", etc on the singles but are more properly just m-flo releases that need to be credited to m-flo with "(feat. Crystal Kay)" appended to the track name. Same applies for the Crystal Kay loves m-flo single. - DJKC

There is some stuff in SortNameStyle that is relevant to aliases (notably the idea of "authority names").  There should probably be a page AliasesAndSortnames that explains why you should have an alias for the sortname (since the sortname is not searched), as well as a SelfAlias page explaining why you want an alias for the primary artist name.  @alex 

Please Note: The ArtistAlias we have here at MusicBrainz isn't the same like at discogs!
Here at MusicBrainz they are PerformanceName of artists and shouldn't be added as ArtistAlias. --Schika

There have been many attempts at adding aliases duplicating the ArtistSortName, from editors who think it would help LastFM problems in some way. This *won't* help them (has been verified on existing aliases). And this is useless to MusicBrainz. -- dmppanda 22:20, 02 February 2007 (UTC) 
  • What do you mean by this won't help. I can search aliases when I can't search sortnames. If that does not help, what does it do? -- jesus2099 15:41, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
    • Please read again. If you really need it, I can translate to french (ask by PM). Please DeleteWhenCooked. -- dmppanda 08:25, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Is there a list which values the type attribute will support (or at least some discussion about this)? --OutsideContext