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Other proposed types not currently approved or implemented:


The sleeve is the outer covering of a vinyl recording or compact disc, it is the paper covering closest in contact to the surface of the disc.


Use "inner" for the insides of a release if the packaging folds open (e.g. Digipak or some Double LP releases). Some compact disc releases use a transparent disc tray, use the "inner" type for scans of the image behind the tray.


Use "packaging" for pictures of an entire box set, usually these pictures include the outer packaging and the jewel boxes or other contents of the box. For example:


The inside of a folding CD cover (pages 2-3 of a standard 4-page inlay card). Often it replaces the booklet, sometimes it can be empty.

front back

The back side of a front CD cover (folding or not folding) or of a booklet. It can be empty.

front full

The unfolded front cover or booklet (front + front back). Sometimes the front cover is a part of an entire front full image, e.g.: Here the front is a right half of the front full.

box front

The front cover of the boxed set of CD or LP albums.

box back

The back cover of the boxed set of CD or LP albums.

box spine

The boxed sets have up to four designed spines.

external case

Some CD and DVD releases have a designed external paper case. The design of this external case (front, back, spine) can be different to the one of the CD/DVD case, e.g.: