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Ian's Comments

Beta Flowchart

First of all, I've made a flowchart out of this, because I think multiple views on this process can make it more understandable. Click to enlarge, etc.

I see a few problems:

  1. The start of the process is actually step 6, not step 1.
  2. We should really specify what to do for schema changes, since right now apparently the answer is "uh, guess we go back to the start?".
  3. ... which brings us to another problem, which is that shipping code to test is conditional -- it only happens if code needs to go through code review. This should not be the case; if code doesn't need code review it should be shipped to both beta and test, so that test doesn't miss out on changes. This also applies to code that isn't on test during the code-review period, but rather mbsandbox or such -- it should end up on test so that people who still want to test those changes, *with* other changes, but *without* using live data, can.

Therefore, my proposal for changing this would be:

  1. Renumber 6 to 1, and increment steps 1-5.
  2. Add "ship to test, if the change isn't already there" to the "Ship code to beta, change ticket to In Beta Testing" step.
  3. Come up with something for schema changes -- I'd propose shipping to test but not beta (i.e., the same path, but skip the actual "ship to beta" part, since that's impossible for such changes), unless we want to institute a schema change beta test server (but I see this as silly; we have test and that seems like a very reasonable place to put these changes).

Ianmcorvidae 00:46, 12 June 2012 (UTC)