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  • Disk number plugin don't ignores CASE, so only accepts "disk 1" but not a "Disk 1". Simple workaround to add to regexp (?i) or re.I; I made it for my local file - now it's works. -- nugged
    • just change:
_discnumber_re = re.compile(r"\s+\(disc (\d+)(?::\s+([^)]+))?\)")
_discnumber_re = re.compile(r"(?i)\s+\(disc (\d+)(?::\s+([^)]+))?\)")

-- nugged

  • Would it be possible to write a plugin that would fetch and set the year to the earliest release's release date when a EarliestReleaseRelationshipType exists? -AaronCooper (2007-07-11)
    • Seconded. I'd like to be able to name files like "Artist - OriginalYear - Album (releaseyear re-release|remaster)"; I like things to be sorted by original year (ie, the musical "period" of the band), but differentiate between versions (sometimes I have several). So is it possible to retrieve the metadata for a linked object?
    • I've just implemented such a plugin which will store the original release date in a separate tag. It won't work with Picard 0.11 but will do so with the next version. I will add that plugin as soon as we have a new release. --OutsideContext
  • Just a quick request, if it can't be a built in variable... I could easily make use of a %tracklength% variable, be it built in or generated by plugin. -- BrianSchweitzer 07:03, 19 October 2007 (UTC)
  • So, if we make any new plugins that might be interesting, is it OK to just post them here? And if so, how do we go about hosting them here if it's necessary? -- Baldrick 2007-11-12T14:39:00
  • BonusDiscs seems useful, except I'm wondering how media players like iTunes will react when there are now multiple tracks with the same track number and no disc numbers to differentiate/order the tracks. Perhaps I will modify this to set all bonus discs to disc number = 99. -AaronCooper
    • Using the Bonus Disc plugin as is, I added the following tagger script functions: $if(%bonusdisc%,$set(discnumber,99),) to set discnumber = 99 for bonus discs and (for iTunes to sort properly) $if(%discnumber%,,$set(discnumber,1)) to make single-disc releases have discnumber = 1. -AaronCooper
  • Would it be possible to write plugin which will take lyrics of the song from internet and embed it to the file? There are a lot of sites which store free lyrics, and they are not difficult to fetch I think... It will be very useful for iPod users who use Floola and not iTunes. -- Evengard 2008-12-21T17:04:00
    • All of Picard's data is based on that stored within the MB server, or linked to from MB releases. It is very doubtful that this will happen until the MB server has support for linking releases to lyrics sites which can supply raw txt/XML. It currently does not, and nor have there been any proposals to do so. This is possibly because the majority of lyric sites are legally dubious, and in general not designed for the semantic Web in MB-style. It is unlikely that this will be available in the near future unless someone writes their own web-scraping type of plugin, which would most likely not be endorsed by MB, I'm guessing. -- voiceinsideyou 16:26, 21 December 2008 (UTC)
  • The plugin of the Cover Art Downloader is very useful, but would it be possible to improve it so it takes the cover arts from There are some problems with the sizes of some cover arts - they are not shown sometimes as they should in an iPod Nano 4G. I think the cover art size from will be OK. -- Evengard 2008-12-21T17:04:00
    • No. The (MB-supplied/endorsed) cover art plugin is designed to use legitimate/legal cover art sources that are linked to releases inside the MB server, based on CoverArt and CoverArtSites. does not qualify under these legal requirements, as far as I am aware. -- voiceinsideyou 16:26, 21 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Apologies if this is the wrong place to put in a feature request. I was wondering if it is possible to write a plug-in that would save metadata for all tracks for which the "match" is above a threshold (e.g. above 80% confidence). Since there is no way to sort and select by match % in the AlbumTreeView, it is very tedious to go through each track and save manually and this would be alleviated if all tracks with good matches are saved by a plugin leaving only those with less confidence to be reviewed by the user. Alternative would be to provide sorting/filtering based on match confidence. -- bhavinb 2009-03-20
  • Would it be possible to add a plugin which detect same/similar files and allows store them to different folder or to even remove it? -- Evengard 2009-03-28 11:14 UTC

Lookup PUID

This plugin doesn't seem to be reading any puids under 12.1. BrianFreud