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I've tried to make the current situation clear on this page. I've made the ordering of the parts a bit more strict. Rationale: the parts that contain artist information (FeaturingArtists) seem less connected to the MainTitle and SubTitle(s) than the parts that contain release information (VolumeNumbers, DiscNumbers). Also, FeaturingArtists should go at the end, because it's just a workaround for current database limitation (also after SG5DisasterRelief). --Zout

  • It's a workaround? So then feat. in track titles is a workaround, too? I think it's just part of the title. See this cover for an example. But well, that can be discussed otherwhere. The important thing: I don't think it should go after the disc number. Why should it, being part of the title? We had an informal rule when we added "Mixed by" to the release titles of multidisc releases: if the DJ mixed both CDs, add it after the disc number. If one DJ mixed CD 1 and another one mixed CD 2, then add them before the disc number. So the only reason I could see here for putting it at the end is if someone featured on both discs. But still this does not feel correct... --Shepard
    • I know we had this informal rule. But since we deal with Releases and not releases as we might in the future, all info in the ReleaseTitle deals with that release only. So why have one release where the info is before the DiscNumber, and another release where it is after the DiscNumber? Seems counterintuitive, and it does not sort correctly on disc numbers. If we decide FeaturingArtists are actually part of the ReleaseTitle, then we have another discussion. --Zout
      • I agree with Shepard about the ordering. Maybe it's just personal choice, but I'd include FeaturingArtist directly after MainTitle, like it is for TrackTitles. I think it's also time it was made official that "(feat. xxx)" should appear before ExtraTitleInformation for TrackTitles such as remixes. e.g. "The Chemical Brothers - The Pills Won't Help You Now (feat. Midlake) (The Remixes) (disc 1)". --ArtySmokes
        • I wish to express my strong opposition to the idea of placing the disc number before the featured artist information. From looking at the artists they subscribe to it appears that most of the people who have commented so far listen primarily to popular music forms, in which multi-disc recordings are not especially common. In classical music, multi-disc recordings are very common, and for opera are the norm. Many hundreds of classical recordings are already in place with disc numbers after the featured artists. The amount of re-editing and re-tagging this change would require for classical listeners would be enormous, and all for no particular benefit. And even apart from the work-load issue, I am in complete agreement with previous comments that the performer information is a part of the title (for now at least), and should be kept together with it. The time to change ReleaseTitleStyle and ClassicalReleaseTitleStyle is AFTER NGS is fully in place, not before, as only then will we know exactly how performer information will work and whether it will still need to be in the release title at all, and only then will the benefits of changing outweigh the massive amounts of re-editing involved. Otherwise we will end up re-editing every release title twice, once to accomodate this change, and again to accomodate post-NGS changes. --Bgibbard

    To reiterate what I said on the StyleMailingList - I don't think we should be deleting the mix artist from release titles until we have some way of getting that onto the tag. --Gecks

    • I think this is already possible with the current PicardQt --Zout

    Is it time we added a list of common additional information and determined if it is ExtraTitleInformation or Subtitles? I'm thinking of "deluxe edition", "remastered", "clean/dirty version" etc. Should these:

    1. be allowed or not?
    2. parenthesised or follow a colon?
    3. upper/lower-cased? --ArtySmokes
    • Well, to start off, here's the ones for soundtracks I would suggest:
      • Movie Title <-- For the standard score or soundtrack, as per soundtrack style.
        Movie Title (Complete Score) <-- Typically a bootleg release, but some official.
        Movie Title (Expanded Score) <-- Typically a bootleg release, but some official.
      and for Musical Theater:
      • Musical Name (<yyyy> <original/revival> <location> Cast)
        • example: My Musical (2007 Original Broadway Cast)
          example: My Musical (1963 San Francisco Cast)
      -- BrianSchweitzer 03:14, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

    Since this is only a Proposed style guideline, I was bold and added references to BoxSetNameStyle (an OfficialStyleGuideline), MultiDiscRelease, ClassicalReleaseTitleStyle. This is a great summary, and with even more crosslinking promotes coherence and easier navigation among the style guidelines. --JimDeLaHunt 2007-12-29