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Template:Infobox musical artist Kunal Bharadwaj (born 28 April 2001), better known by his stage name Tannerwell, Is An Indian Record Producer And DJ..

Early life and career beginnings

Tannerwell was born in Guwahati India To Sailen And Kakoli Das. Growing up, he attended Pathways World SchoolAnd Lancers International School In Gurgaon, Haryana where he played the piano throughout school, and at 14, he began performing as a DJ. And Released His First Track At the Age Of 15 Titled ‘Stargaze’ , Immediately Getting Him Recognised Across The Country.[1]

Later He Shifted To Mumbai At The Age Of 18 To Persue His Carrier In Music .


Kunal began his career at the age of 16, by releasing a future bass track titled “Find MySelf” Which Later Was Played By The ChainSmokers At The Ultra Music Festival In 2018.

In 2019, Kunal was a closing act for the Canadian Rap Duo 88Glam In Mumbai.[2]The Same year, he became one of the few Indian artists to have performed at the RamzMUMBAIConcert.[3]

On 25’th April 2020, Tannerwell released his first Hip-Hop song, "ByThatTime⁉️" Independently On Spotify, Apple Music And Youtube . The Song Was Added To Various Editorial Playlists And Has Over A 100k+ Streams Today.[4]


Song Date Length Platforms
Stargaze 21-Nov-2016 2:10 Min YouTube
Find Myself 15-Jul-2018 2:36 Min YouTube,AppleMusic,Spotify,Deezer,Pandora,GooglePlay
ByThatTime⁉️ 25-Apr-2020 3:14 Min YouTube,AppleMusic,Spotify



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