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Status: Right now this page is just a rough collection of items that accompanies the effort of RestructuringTheDocumentation. Feel free to add new (existing or yet to be made) items!

The idea behind this is that I felt I could have a list of all terms that are explained in the wiki to remind me to use their WikiNames when copy editing text. BTW please try to avoid single word WikiNames because these are BadWikiNames--DonRedman

Many, if not all, of these should be listed underonce they exist, and can be found through the BackLinks on that page.

For the following terms I suggest that we not use the names as WikiNames but make a page explaining the broader concept: 
  • Voting:
  • Editing:

We also have HowAnnotationsWork and HowMusicBrainzWorks. These should probably be used for detailed explanations, with other WikiNames used for more basic explanations.