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Status: Semi-official, but in desperate need of cleanup before it can be truly official.

Basic MusicBrainz entities

Other MusicBrainz terms


hidden track

A hidden track can mean:

  • a track that is not listed on the release's sleeve.
  • a song in the pregap of track 1 on a CD, i.e. is located before the first track (a so-called pregap track).
  • one or more songs that follow another song on the same track, usually after a longer period of silence, but are not listed on the sleeve.

See the special purpose track title guidelines and, where necessary, the guidelines for multiple titles for details about how to name these tracks.

relationship editor

This is used to mean two different things:

  • The interface for editing a release's relationships, available via the "Edit relationships" link in the sidebar.
  • A type of user.