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<small>[[Track]] | [[Annotation]] > Track annotation </small>
A '''Track annotation''' is user contributed text attached to a specific track entry.
<small>{i} You may consult either the [[Annotation]] or [[Track]] page for general informations about them. </small>
==Track annotation content==
[[Image:Idea.png]] A track annotation may hold any information about a track that does not fit into the fields of the database. The following uses are suggested:
* '''Trivia''': some trivial facts about the track, composition
* '''Matrix Number'''
* '''Historical facts''': place of recording, or any other data related to the conditions of recording that doesn't fit into [[Advanced Relationships|AdvancedRelationships]]
* '''Disambiguation and other edition informations''': you can use the track annotation to provide more information about the track, like its ''take'' number, if it is previously unreleased, etc...
* '''Miscellaneous editing warnings or informations''': for example if the track presents some specific spelling and/or capitalization difficulty
* '''Additional comment about the state of the informations attached to the track entry''': if work or research needs to be done on that track
* This list is not exhaustive: you may use a track annotation for pretty much anything you can think of - as long as it matches the purpose of [[Annotation]]s, and relates to the track entry to which it's attached.
Note that track annotations are specially useful for [[Non-Album Tracks|NonAlbumTracks]].
{X} You '''mustn't''' add copyrighted content copied from other resources, be they online or printed. More generally, you really shouldn't copy/paste any kind of content, unless it's purely factual.
==Track annotation style==
At that time there is no official (neither recommended) style for track annotations. We may later propose such a style guide if there is really a need for it.
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