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TrackMerging is a simplified version of [[Track Grouping|TrackGrouping]]. The basic idea is to allow a single "song" object to be shared by multiple "album" objects. A "song" object contains a collection of "track" objects, including their respective titles, durations, track numbers, and PUIDs. This would clear up a significant amount of redundant data and allow us to pool similar PUIDs into a single object such that there would be absolutely no PUID collisions between the objects. Implementing this concept will be one of the many incremental steps toward the [[Next Generation Schema|NextGenerationSchema]] goal.
TrackMerging is currently being worked on by [[User:LukasLalinsky|LukasLalinsky]] in the following branch: [http://bugs.musicbrainz.org/browser/mb_server/branches/track-merging http://bugs.musicbrainz.org/browser/mb_server/branches/track-merging]
==Below is a collection of all the various ideas/notes we've had regarding this feature:==
Here are some notes from an IRC conversation we had some time ago ([[User:LukasLalinsky|LukasLalinsky]], [[User:Jugdish|Jugdish]] and [[User:BrianFreud|BrianFreud]]). But I can't remember some details, and somehow find it on chatlogs, so it's possible that something is incorrect. (If somebody can find the IRC log, please add the link here.) -- 16:04, 02 October 2007 (UTC)
* Adding new album will always add new master entities.
* Masters have no explicit titles, everything is derived from attached tracks.
* It will be possible to merge masters.
* It will be possible to split some tracks of a master.
* The release editor can be used only to edit tracks, not masters or track<->master associations.
* ? Significant change to track title will automatically detach the track from the current master (if more than one track is attached to it)
* There are no track ARs, adding an AR to track will transparently add it to the master.
* PUIDs are attached to masters. (theoretically, no two masters should share the same PUID)
* ? Durations are attached to masters, not tracks.
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