Tracks With Multiple Artists

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This page tries to list all releases that have tracks that consist of more than one song by more than one artist. An example:

This track has two songs on it: 5:55 by Durango 95, followed by Liquid Love by Casper Pound. These artists did not cooperate on this track; it's merely a technical issue where two songs are put on one track. Were the two songs by the same artist MultipleTitleStyle would apply. Note that this is not the same as a track where the artist is a collaboration, e.g. Mick Jagger & David Bowie.

It is recommended to add a ReleaseAnnotation with a link to this page to Releases that have one or more tracks with multiple artists, and also add the release to one of the lists below.

The reason for this existence of this page is that in the future, when hopefully the system is able to deal with these cases, these tracks can be located easily and edited.

BEWARE: It is very well possible that some tracks on the releases listed below are actually mash-ups instead of tracks with multiple artists. This needs to be sorted out.

Tracks by Various Artists

Tracks by '/' separated artists

If a track has two songs, Song A by Artist A and Song B by Artist B, it is highly recommended to make Artist A the TrackArtist and Song A / Artist B - Song B the TrackTitle. This way, no bogus Artists are created. Artist A / Artist B as TrackArtist would imply both artists collaborated in some way; for these tracks, that is not the case.