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==What is a Transclusion Editor==
#REDIRECT [[Editor#Transclusion editors]]
Transclusion editors are [[MusicBrainz Contributor|MusicBrainz contributors]] who have the permission to change the version of the transcluded [[WikiDocs]] documents.
The users who currently have this permission are:
* [[User:WolfSong|WolfSong]] ([[Editor:wolfsong]]) [former WikiDocs maintainer]
* [[User:DonRedman|DonRedman]] ([[Editor:donredman]])
* [[User:LukasLalinsky|LukasLalinsky]] ([[Editor:lukz]])
* [[User:RobertKaye|RobertKaye]] ([[Editor:rob]])
* [[User:MLL|MLL]] ([[Editor:mll]])
* [[User:dmppanda|dmppanda]] ([[Editor:dmppanda]])
* [[User:murdos|murdos]] ([[Editor:murdos]])
* [[User:voiceinsideyou|voiceinsideyou]] ([[Editor:voiceinsideyou]])
* [[User:Zout|Zout]] ([[Editor:zout]])
* [[User:PavanChander|Pavan Chander]] ([[Editor:navap]])
<small>This list is edited by hand and for informative purposes only. The actual rights management is done within MusicBrainz' [[Server|server]].</small>
==How To Transclude a WikiDocs Page==
'''Only transclusion editors are able to do this.'''
: [[Image:Attention.png]] ''Please be very careful to enter the correct page name and revision number, they are '''not''' checked for correctness.''
Go to the [http://musicbrainz.org/edit/wikitransclusion/transclusion.html wiki transclusion table]. Each page will have it's own row which can be edited or removed; new ones can also be added. When a [[WikiDocs]] page has been edited, and the change conforms with the style guidelines and other social aspects -  and most importantly, makes the documentation better - the change should be reflected on the main server. To do this, find the latest revision number using the page history and update it in the transclusion table.
When adding a new page to the table, make sure to add it to the [[:Category:WikiDocs Page|WikiDocs page]] category.
==Old WikiDocs==
Before the current [[WikiDocs]] system that uses a wiki and transclusion table, there was an old WikiDocs system that used a separate wiki; this deprecated system used URLs like musicbrainz.org/'''wd'''/PageName but isn't used any more.
[[Category:Terminology]] [[Category:WikiDocs Page]]

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