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In some cases, the PrimaryArtist for a track (or possibly even for a release) is unknown, be it because the sleeve doesn't provide the details, or because no one knows who was the performer.

Such tracks (or releases) should be credited to [unknown].

Additional Information

[unknown] is a SpecialPurposeArtist.

For details about when to use (and not use) [unknown], refer to UnknownArtistStyle.

Please note that [unknown] must not be used as a lazy easy solution: you are expected to at least do some minimal researches to find out the proper performers, and only use [unknown] if the information really can't be found.

Note as well that [unknown] should not be confused with other SpecialPurposeArtists, like NoArtist or DataTrackArtist.

There also exists other informally used SpecialPurposeArtists, which may be more appropriate than [unknown] depending on the context.