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A podcast is a digitally distributed broadcast (download or stream), that can cover almost any content or topic, eg a music playlist, interview etc.
Although often indistinct from Broadcast programs, they are usually referred to as 'podcasts' by the creators or publishers.
Because podcasts are usually released and browsed as a series, as opposed to a traditional broadcast entry (often an independent event), these separate guidelines serve to group and sort podcasts more efficiently.


Release Group

The release group type should be set to "Broadcast".

The release group Artist credit should be the name of the group or individual/s that present the podcast. If there is no discernible presenter/s across all the episodes, you can use the podcast name or publisher as the Artist, and credit individual artists at the release and track level if necessary (example).

Follow this format for the release group Title: [Series Title][: Series #]


Release Title

If there is no release identifier, such as an episode number, follow this format for the release Title (where YYYY-MM-DD represents the date of digital distribution, not the original broadcast): [Release Group Title][: YYYY-MM-DD]
If there is a release identifier, follow this format instead: [Release Group Title][: Episode #]


Track Title

The track title is the name of the episode.

If the episode is split up into parts, follow this format: Episode Name[: Part #]
If the episode is split up into parts with their own separate titles, simply name each track/ part with the corresponding title.

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