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Here goes small wall of text (I'm noob in Wiki formating). I'm from Russia. I listen mostly to metal (doom, folk, pagan, melodic death, power, gothic), some epic stuff (soundtracks, new age, trailer), classic and a bit of modern instrumental. I play electric bass guitar in Mademei band (heh, thinking of adding it to MusicBrainz =\\). I also play piano, but it is pretty out of tune, so I hope to buy new electric one soon. In both cases I'm self-taught. On MusicBrainz I am for submitting DiscIDs, edit/correct stuff I have info about (and simple the stuff I have =\\), I am interested in and some rare one.

the <|2^> in the first cell defines how many rows the image has to span vertically, depending on how many rows your bio has.