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::Recording 'Release Me' contains samples from 'Independence Day'.
::Recording 'Release Me' contains samples from 'Independence Day'.
Tangentially: we decided once that a track-URL soundtrack AR was not needed. However, would it not be useful? I note we did have a track-URL IBDb and IOBDb AR (Pre-NGS? What happened to those? [[AnswerMe]]).

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The problem is as follows: the relationship '27 Dresses has an IMDb page at (...)' (see this edit) became (post NGS-migration) the relationship '[27 Dresses] samples IMDb entry (...)' (see this relationship).

There exists an AR between a soundtrack and IMDb (also with IBDb & IOBDb, btw) and an AR between an album containing samples from a movie and IMDb (the AR doesn't seem to have a wiki page? AnswerMe); henceforth called the soundtrack AR and the samples AR.

I'm guessing the Artist-URL soundtrack AR and the Track-URL samples AR were no problem to convert.
According to this table, the Album-URL soundtrack and sample ARs should have been converted/migrated as follows:

AR Type     Now         NGS         Comment     Status in migration scripts
IMDb, ibdb, iobdb Album-URL ReleaseGroup-URL ok OK
IMDb samples Album-URL Release-URL OK

Something seems to have gone wrong with this. The question is: is only the link name wrong, or have the soundtrack AR and the samples AR become the same?

The samples AR still works as intended:

Recording 'Release Me' contains samples from 'Independence Day'.