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The problem is as follows: the relationship '27 Dresses has an IMDb page at (...)' (see this edit) became (post NGS-migration) the relationship '[27 Dresses] samples IMDb entry (...)' (see this relationship).

There exists an AR between a soundtrack and IMDb (and also IBDb and IOBDb, btw) and an AR between an album containing samples from a movie and IMDb; henceforth called the soundtrack AR and the samples AR.

I'm guessing the Artist-URL soundtrack AR and the Track-URL samples AR were no problem to convert.
According to this table, the Album-URL soundtrack and sample ARs should have been converted/migrated as follows:

AR Type     Now         NGS         Comment     Status in migration scripts
IMDb, ibdb, iobdb Album-URL ReleaseGroup-URL ok OK
IMDb samples Album-URL Release-URL OK

Something seems to have gone wrong with this. The question is: is only the link name wrong, or have the soundtrack AR and the samples AR become the same?

The samples AR still works as intended (but perhaps we need an example of a release-URL AR added pre-NGS to be sure; DeleteWhenCooked):

Recording 'Release Me' contains samples from 'Independence Day'.
[1] and [2] look fine (no relationship for the release group - [3]) so it seems like it's migrated them fine but just used the wrong relationship name. If someone else can confirm that, I can just edit the relationship type. --Nikki 03:00, 27 May 2011 (UTC)