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When editing a classic release one often faces quite a few tracks sharing the the same composer, performer, and performance date. Here are some tips on how to perform several edits on the recordings and their relationships without opening every recording individually and performing the edits there:

Working on releases

1. release - Edit relationships In the toolbar on the right hand side, select "Edit relationships". This will give you a batch editor. Just tick the recordings you want to edit, then click one of the "Batch-add ..." links in the top. Don't forget that for saving your changes you need to click "Enter Edit" at the bottom. See How to Use the Relationship Editor for more info.

Working on recordings

1. recording - artist relationships - adding attributes --- This is easy with the new relationship editor though the function is somewhat hidden. (You must re-add the the existing relationship with the attributes added.)

2. recording - work relationships - adding attributes --- There isn't a fast way of doing this without userscripts, although they can be edited one by one on the relationship editor (click on "is a recording of"). Bitmap's Relate recordings to works from a release script helps a lot: with it you are able to open the recording - work relationships on a single page and then you can for example quickly copy and paste the performance dates.

3. artist credits of the recordings --- At the moment there is no great solution. One option is to change all credits for the release, apply changes to recordings and then cancel the "edit tracklist" edit - which leaves the recording edits open. The other is to just open all the recordings and change the credits. For both of those the Copyable Artist Credits script, also by bitmap, is a great time-saver.