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I'm BrianFreud on the site and in IRC. My Profile: Editor:BrianFreud

You can find also me at


I play the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, as well as the recorder. I also sing tenor II; typically classical, chamber, or barbershop - though karaoke is fun too. ;)

I'm into soundtracks, Nirvana, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, Mozart, Tori Amos, jazz, and just about anything else...

...except for gospel, Christian contemporary, "hate" music, and country - except maybe for Willie Nelson.

Favorite Music

  • In no particular order... Just about any release of Mozart's Requiem, though I much prefer the Sussmayr version to any of the others.
    • Only exception is the 1945 Berlin, Germany Nazi recording, which just sounds incredibly overpowered, and lacks finesse.
     Thomas Newman's soundtrack to The Shawshank Redemption 
    • The perfect work for a rainy day - or a day you wish it would rain, and need your spirits lifted. (I've also pretty much memorized every line of the movie)
     Toto's expanded score for the Lynch version of Dune 
    • Even as a soundtrack fan, this is one of the few soundtracks I can put on repeat play all day, and still enjoy it at the end of the day. Just a very powerful work. This version is missing Brian Eno's Prophecy Theme, which is the one negative, so sometimes it's nice to alternate this version with the shorter version, which includes that track. (And yes, I do have this movie memorized as well.)
     Aphex Twin's Milkman, on the Girl/Boy EP 
    • First time I heard this track, I started laughing so hard, I nearly crashed my car. It's still able to make me break out laughing all these years later...
     Mindless Drug Hoover's The Reefer Song 
    • Not nearly as well crafted as the Aphex Twin song, but again, one of the few songs that can always make me smile.


My Projects

Projects I need to do


Current Projects

Completed Projects

Suspended Projects

  • Keeping new bootleg add edits clean - There's no good way currently to search for these
  • Keeping new soundtrack add edits clean - There's no good way currently to search for these

Cancelled Projects

MusicBrainz Projects of Interest

MusicBrainz Philosophy

This will probably be a continually morphing part of this page. I so enjoy most of what goes on here. Music ought to be about emotion, enjoyment of the experience. This database, it's a collection of information, but also a gathering ground for music fans from all of the world and all different types of music. This is great, as we get all sorts of diversity.

In a way, though, it's also a bad thing. We have so much diversity, but seem to have so little communal spirit. The bigger projects - PicardQt, supporting MusicBrainz itself - those get everyone behind them. But smaller things, like voting, learning the styleguides completely, group projects... they seem to often be forgotten. With 3000 editors editing each day, even with 17 thousand edits open, we ought to be able to clear the database quickly. No open edit ought to have a reason to be unvoted in or out - let alone slip into the database without ever even having had a single vote cast on it. Even if people abstain on half the edits they see, it's still only a handful each day, and we who like to vote would be left begging for more editing. I don't know how to fix it though; it just saddens me to see so much editing, but so little voting.

Projects like my Nirvana project, or the Collaboration of the Month, have problems as well. Suddenly there's a mass of edits all in one place, scaring the subscribers to that artist. Or there's complex decisions to be made on how to interpret the works of an artist, but not enough people, or at least, not enough people talking together, to be able to come to resolutions about those questions. This leaves these types of projects either burning out, as the editors tire of the project, or they blow up, as new editors come in and disagree with the resolutions to the complex problems, viewing them without the perspective gained from the deep exploration into the issues involved. Again, I don't know how to solve this.

Last, the RFP process seems, well, kind of broken. Again, we're all pushing the ship, but everyone's pushing it in different directions. There's several style proposals that are now going into their third year as a proposal, seemingly stuck there. There's style guidelines that literally end mid-sentence, unresolved. Then there's the RFP's that just kind of get lost, a few comments then forgotten. And, though this at least is fixable, it's pretty much all on the wiki - but we seriously need to get this thing into shape, as so many guidelines are basically hidden, unless you know just where to look for them... which brings us right back to the learning the guidelines.

Anyhow, I don't know the answers. I'm swimming in the same pool as everyone else, just trying to find a ledge to stand on. My edits sometimes seem to have a knack for drawing controversy, and I wish that weren't so. But I'll keep muddling on, trying to keep my balence, trying to make this place, as well as the database, a better place than it was when I got here... and no, I'm not leaving. No matter how much chocolate anyone offers. :)

MusicBrainz Editing

Frequent Searches

New English Releases not yet voted on

Open edits I voted to abstain on

Open edits I voted NO on

Things that mostly make you go huh?

Some of the editors I'm inpressed by, new and old...

  • A partial list of people I've run into who just seem to "get" what MusicBrainz is all about... * Editor:aCiD2 * Editor:bogdanb * Editor:bplatt * Editor:Citizen * Editor:cooperaa * Editor:daydreamer * Editor:dmppanda * Editor:drsaunde * Editor:Gecks * Editor:gfmorris - Generally doing a nice job with bootlegs * Editor:grenzelm * Editor:Jugdish * Editor:kuno * Editor:Liff * Editor:lukz * Editor:mo * Editor:-nils- * Editor:PhantomOTO - Seemingly importing the entire metal database :) * Editor:SenRepus * Editor:Shepard * Editor:thewilkybarkid * Editor:xrayx * Editor:zos18

Editors to keep an eye on

  • Alert.png Editor:DSHEPHERD - Almost 400 releases added, nary an edit note, and 30%+ duplicates or bogus
  • Alert.png Editor:blogmusikst1 - Lots of releases added and changes made, ignores style, no edit notes. (Added by voiceinsideyou as a plea for help :p )
  • Alert.png Editor:GeorgeWChubby - ARGH!!!!
  • Alert.png Editor:yoyox - Incredibly sloppy freedb importing, never an edit note, doesn't seem to know ANY of the guidelines

Edits for follow-up


Useful MusicBrainz Wiki Pages

Useful Reference Pages

How to make work on Windows:

  1. First install python. Specifically, you want version 2.4.4 not version 2.5.
  2. Now snag the script from luks' page here in the wiki.
  3. Now snag a copy of OldPicard (0.7.2) and install it.
  4. Move to an empty directory.
  5. Move every file in the Picard 0.7.2 directory except picard.exe (which you can delete) and (which you will need) into the directory.
  6. Unzip into the directory - make sure you keep the directory structure from the zip file. (You can then delete
  7. Open a command prompt. Run "chcp" and note which active code page it tells you you are using.
  8. Open in a text editor.
  9. In, change the line "server = ''" to read "server = ''".
  10. In, change the username and password lines to your MusicBrainz username and password.
  11. In, change the line "encoding = 'utf-8'" to read "#encoding = 'utf-8'".
  12. In, change the line "encoding = 'windows-1250'" to "encoding = 'cpxxx'", where xxx is your active code page. (So if your code page is 437, you would use cp437.)
  13. Save your modified
  14. Now, from a command prompt, change directory to your directory. Run " c:\foo" where "c:\foo" is your music directory.
  15. Get coffee and wait many many hours for to finish.

moin code

Because I keep having to look it up anyhow... :P

[[TitleSearch]]          search the page titles
[[FullSearch]]  search the page contents
[[FullSearch()]]        search for the current title in all pages (like clicking on the page title)
[[FullSearch('text')]]  search for "text" in all pages
[[GoTo]]        directly go to the page you enter
[[PageList(regex)]]     list of pages whose title matches the regex

[[RecentChanges]]        a list of recently edited pages
[[TitleIndex]]  an index of all page titles
[[WordIndex]]   an index of all words in page titles
[[WantedPages]]         list links to non-existent pages
[[OrphanedPages]]       list pages no other page links to
[[AbandonedPages]]      list pages that were not edited for the longest time
[[RandomPage]]  a link to a random page
[[RandomPage(#)]]       links to a number of random pages
[[TableOfContents]]     display a local table of contents
[[Anchor(anchorname)]]  macro to insert anchors into a page (link to them then with #anchor)

[[InterWiki]]    a list of all known InterWiki names
[[SystemInfo]]  info on the wiki, the python interpreter and the host system
[[PageCount]]   current page count
[[PageSize]]    list the sizes of all pages
[[StatsChart(type)]]    shows statistical charts (currently defined types: hitcounts, pagesize, useragents)
[[SystemAdmin]]         Web interface to wiki administration

[[Icon(image)]]          display system icons
[[UserPreferences]]     display a user preferences dialog
<br/>   insert a line break
[[Include(HelloWorld[,"heading"[,level]])]]     include contents of another page
<ref>text</ref>         Add a footnote (the text cannot contain any wiki markup), or explicitly display collected footnotes when no args are given
[[Date(timestamp)]]     display a timestamp according to system settings
timestamp       display a timestamp1 according to user settings
[[GetText(text)]]       loads I18N texts (no idea how to use this one...)     attach files/images


Feel free to type down here, don't be offended if I make any of it go away though ;)

Brian: your groupie, JimDeLaHunt, here. I've just discovered ServerAccessEditingURLs. I'd like to extend the BatchAddRelationships script to handle release events. Where could I find documentation for the other Server Access Editing URLs, so that I can flesh out the missing sections of the Server URL's page. I'm willing to read code, if that's what it takes. --JimDeLaHunt 2007-12-07.

  • I never have taken the time to dig in and check if release events are url edtable. I'd assume so, but not sure. Re: ServerAccessEditingURLS, I stopped working on the page, as luks and ruoak thought it perhaps was better to leave those kinds of direct database-editing details to those who can also figure out the server code, or eventually, our exposing it better via something in the XML service. Other than RE's, though, for just about everything else currently empty on there I've got notes for all the details on quite how to do it :). -- BrianSchweitzer 01:20, 08 December 2007 (UTC)
    • Thanks. I'll take a look at the server code, then, and see what I can figure out. If I figure out Release Events, do you want my notes for your collection? --JimDeLaHunt 2007-12-08 12:44:59

Brian: your groupie, JimDeLaHunt, again. FYI, I've quoted a couple of your edit and list comments at ArtistRoleInheritance . The ProposedStyleGuideline there is over 2 years old, and, from your comments, about 180° in the wrong direction. If you'd like to replace those discussion items with your own words that's fine by me. The main thing I want is to stop that article from steering other new editors (like me) in the wrong direction. --JimDeLaHunt 2007-12-18 12:44:25


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