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Insanely Long PicardQT File Naming Strings

Ok, one of the things people know about me is that I have a ton of music. Another is that I hate clumsy music player interfaces. I like my Winamp/Explorer combo just fine. :)

I also use my files to clean the database, which in turn lets me name and tag my files better.

This has led to the Insanely Long File Naming String.

Want to see it?

$if2($if($not(%releasetype%),No Type/),$if($not(%releasestatus%),No Status/),$if($eq(%releasestatus%,official),$if2($if($not(%asin%),No ASIN/),$if($not(%date%),No Date/))),$if($eq(%releasestatus%,promotion),$if2($if($not(%date%),No Date/))),$if(%asin%,$if($not(%barcode%),No Barcode/)))$if2($if($eq(%releasetype%,soundtrack),Soundtracks/%album%$if(%releasestatus%, [%releasestatus%])$if(%date%, [$left(%date%,4)] )/$num(%tracknumber%,2). %artist% - %title%),$if($eq(%BrianGenre%,classical),$if2($if($not(%composer%),No Composer/),$if($not(%performer%),No Performer/),$if($not(%conductor%),No Conductor/))Classical/$if(%composer%,%composer%/)$if(%conductor%,%conductor%, )$if(%performer%,%performer%)/%album%$if(%discnumber%,\(disc %discnumber%$if(%discsubtitle%,: %discsubtitle%))),$if($eq(%BrianGenre%,bogusartists),BogusArtists/,%BrianGenre%/)$if(%overartist%,%overartist%/)%artist%/$if(%releasetype%,[%releasetype%] )$if(%releasestatus%,[%releasestatus%] )$if(%date%,[$left(%date%,4)] )%album%/$num(%tracknumber%,3). %title%)

It's actually shorter than it used to be, but only because I moved a lot of it to tagger script.

It's a great example of the power of PicardQT's extensible file naming string capabilities.

It's complex enough, though, that I have to manipulate it via its own spreadsheet, just to keep it straight. It does still have issues - Classical still doesn't work right. Everything else does, however. Feel free to use it - and if you can find the bug in classical, let me know!

TaggerScript.txt QTSpreadsheet.xls


--- BrianFreud