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This page has been moved here for historical purposes only.

This project is permanently at a halt. It's an example of how, no matter how much energy and effort you put into something, all it can take is one other person to eventually sap any enjoyment you feel, and any desire to continue, if that person goes negative often enough. Purposefully destructive edits and insulting comments ought to not happen anywhere on this site - and rather than continue to deal with them, I've cancelled this project effective May 28, 2007.


This is a pity, it looks like you planned a great deal of work. :( --MLL
  • : I agree. This is realy bad 'news' for the community. Couldn't you turn up your *ignore* level a bit? - Locustus

The Nirvana Project

GOAL: 100% everything on one artist in MusicBrainz

Artists involved:

Aaron Burckhard Bliss Brown Cow / Brown Towel
Chad Channing Dave Foster Dan Peters
David Grohl Electrifiedshitfuck Eyes Adrift
Fecal Matter Jason Everman John Duncan
Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love Lori Goldston
Melvana Nirvana Pat Smear
Pen Cap Chew Scream Skid Row
Stiff Woodies Sweet 75 TedEdFred
The Backstreet Band The Go Team The Legend! (aka Everett True)
The Sellouts Throat Oyster William S. Burroughs & Kurt Cobain

Not to be covered: Foo Fighters, Mind Funk, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Soundgarden, The Germs, 45 Grave, Adolescents, Probot, Queens of the Stone Age, The Tater Totz, anything Courtney Love except for as listed above.

  • Fix all existing titles and tracknames DONE
  • Convert live multi-disc titles to Gecks' suggested mix of LBS and VolumeStyle
  • Create and link in pre-cursor bands as artists, without creating artist clusters DONE
  • Add all circulating recordings not already in database DONE 4/30/2007
  • Add all pressed recording bootlegs not already in database DONE 5/1/2007 - Recheck after all else done
  • Track down tracklists for "Live" circulating recordings, scrub releases for errors
  • Track down track times for "Live" circulating recordings, add to release info
  • Track down tracklists for "Other" circulating recordings, scrub releases for errors (See below for status)
  • Track down track times for "Other" circulating recordings, add to release info
  • Link to some of the more decent official and bootleg reference sites on this wiki DONE 5/4/2007
  • Convert appropriate tracks to LiveTrackStyle
  • Add ARs for everything
  • Add review links, where possible DONE 5/9/2007
  • Add wiki links, where possible DONE 5/10/2007
  • Add discogs links, where possible DONE (except for Outcesticide vol 5 which has pending edits) 5/12/2007
  • Go though for missing releases and release event info
  • Go through LN's Vinyl guide for missing releases and release event info
  • Go through Pennyroyal-3 for missing releases and release event info
  • Add all Release event info
  • Move early release entries to appropriate earlier-band-name artists DONE 5/2/2007 - Recheck in 2 weeks, after votes take effect
  • Add mislabels info to this wiki
  • Remove mislabels info from annotation DONE 5/4/2007
  • Add timeline & prior-name links to annotations
  • Check individual band member artist pages for errors
  • Last step: Recheck all releases for errors
  • Track down original release/artists for cover songs, add to db if not present
  • Setlist info

Decent reference sites

Nirvana Archive - Good for pressed boots for LTS Nirvana Live Guide - Good for circulating recordings and show trivia Live Nirvana - Good for just about everything

Status for scrubbing "Live" releases against LiveNirvana recording track lists

Only listing *live* shows not yet scrubbed for errors:

  • 1989-07-12: J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 1989-07-18: Pyramid Club (New Music Seminar), New York, NY, USA
  • 1989-08-26: Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1989-09-30: Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 1989-10-03: Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  • 1989-10-06: Murphy's Pub, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • 1989-10-11: The Garage, Denver, CO, USA
  • 1989-10-24: Students' Union, Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester, UK
  • 1989-10-28: Ents Hall, Portsmouth Polytechnic, Portsmouth, UK
  • 1989-11-02: Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 1989-11-05: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1989-11-07: B-52, Moenchengladbach, West Germany
  • 1989-11-08: Rose Club, Cologne, West Germany
  • 1989-11-09: Bad, Hanover, West Germany
  • 1989-11-11: Ecstasy, Berlin, West Germany
  • 1989-11-13: Fabrik, Hamburg, West Germany
  • 1989-11-15: Schwimmbad Musik-Club, Heidelberg, West Germany
  • 1989-11-17: Circus, Gammelsdorf, West Germany
  • 1989-11-20: Kapu, Linz, Austria
  • 1989-11-26: Bloom, Mezzago, Italy
  • 1989-11-27: Piper Club, Rome, Italy
  • 1989-12-01: MJC Fahrenheit, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
  • 1990-01-06: HUB East Ballroom, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1990-02-09: Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR, USA
  • 1990-02-11: Cactus Club, San Jose, CA, USA
  • 1990-02-12: Cattle Club, Sacramento, CA, USA
  • 1990-02-14: Kennel Club, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • 1990-02-15: Raji's, Hollywood, CA, USA
  • 1990-02-16: Bogart's, Long Beach, CA, USA
  • 1990-02-17: Iguana's, Tijuana, Mexico
  • 1990-02-19: The Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • 1990-04-01: Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 1990-04-09: 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • 1990-04-16: Lees Palace, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 1990-04-17: Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, QC, Canada
  • 1990-04-18: Manray Nightclub, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • 1990-04-26: Pyramid Club, New York, NY, USA
  • 1990-04-28: Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA
  • 1990-04-29: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA
  • 1990-05-01: Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  • 1990-10-11: North Shore Surf Club, Olympia, WA, USA
  • 1990-10-26: Calton Studios, Edinburgh, UK
  • 1990-10-27: Byron Building, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, UK
  • 1991-01-18: Library 4300, Evergreen State College (No More Wars Benefit), Olympia, WA, USA
  • 1991-04-17: O.K. Hotel, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1991-06-17: Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA, USA
  • 1991-06-20: Melody Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA
  • 1991-08-20: Sir Henry's, Cork, Ireland
  • 1991-08-23: Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival), Reading, UK
  • 1991-08-24: Tanzbrunnen (Monsters of Spex), Cologne, Germany
  • 1991-08-25: Domein Kiewit (Pukkelpop), Hasselt, Belgium
  • 1991-08-27: Aladin (Überschall 91), Bremen, Germany
  • 1991-09-01: De Doelen (Ein Abend in Wien), Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • 1991-09-16: Beehive Music & Video, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1991-09-20: The Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 1991-09-21: Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, QC, Canada
  • 1991-09-23: WFNX Birthday Bash, Axis Nightclub, Boston, MA, USA
  • 1991-09-24: Axis Nightclub, Boston, MA, USA
  • 1991-09-25: Club Babyhead, Providence, RI, USA
  • 1991-09-26: The Moon, New Haven, CT, USA
  • 1991-09-28: Marquee Club, New York, NY
  • 1991-10-01: J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
  • 1991-10-02: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA
  • 1991-10-04: Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  • 1991-10-06: The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, USA
  • 1991-10-10: Empire Concert Club, Cleveland, OH, USA
  • 1991-10-11: St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI, USA
  • 1991-10-12: Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 1991-10-12: Dressed for Success, Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 1991-10-14: First Avenue Club, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • 1991-10-19: Trees, Dallas, TX, USA
  • 1991-10-21: Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX, USA
  • 1991-10-23: After the Gold Rush, Tempe, AZ, USA
  • 1991-10-24: Off the Record, San Diego, CA, USA
  • 1991-10-25: Rock for Choice Benefit, The Palace, Hollywood, CA, USA
  • 1991-10-26: Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • 1991-10-27: The Palace, Hollywood, CA, USA
  • 1991-10-29: Fox Theatre, Portland, OR, USA
  • 1991-10-30: Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 1991-10-31: Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1991-11-04: Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
  • 1991-11-05: Astoria Theatre, London, UK
  • 1991-11-06: Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
  • 1991-11-08: The Word, Channel 4 Studios, London, UK
  • 1991-11-10: Loft, Berlin, Germany
  • 1991-11-11: Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
  • 1991-11-13: Nachtwerk, Munich, Germany
  • 1991-11-14: Arena, Vienna, Austria
  • 1991-11-16: Teatro Verdi, Muggia, Italy
  • 1991-11-17: Bloom, Mezzago, Italy
  • 1991-11-19: Il Castello, Rome, Italy
  • 1991-11-20: Kryptonight, Baricella, Italy
  • 1991-11-29: Calton Studios, Edinburgh, UK
  • 1991-11-30: Queen Margaret Union, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
  • 1991-12-03: Rock City, Nottingham, UK
  • 1991-12-05: Kilburn National Ballroom, London, UK
  • 1991-12-06: Tonight With Jonathan Ross, Channel 4 Studios, London, UK
  • 1991-12-28: Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA, USA
  • 1991-12-29: University Activity Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA
  • 1991-12-31: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • 1992-01-02: Salem Armory, Salem, OR, USA
  • 1992-01-24: Phoenician Club, Sydney, Australia
  • 1992-01-25: Big Day Out, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia
  • 1992-01-30: The Barton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia
  • 1992-01-31: The Palace, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1992-02-01: The Palace, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1992-02-05: ANU Union Bar, the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
  • 1992-02-06: Selina's, Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, Australia
  • 1992-02-07: Selina's, The Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, Australia
  • 1992-02-14: Kokusai Koryu Center, Osaka, Japan
  • 1992-02-16: Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan
  • 1992-02-19: Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1992-02-22: Pink's Garage, Honolulu, HI, USA
  • 1992-06-21: The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1992-06-22: The King's Hall, Belfast, UK
  • 1992-06-24: Le Zénith, Paris, France
  • 1992-06-26: Roskilde Festival, Dyrskuepladsen, Roskilde, Denmark
  • 1992-06-27: Ruisrock, Kansanpuisto, Turku, Finland
  • 1992-06-28: Kalvøyafestivalen, Kalvøya, Sandvika, Norway
  • 1992-06-30: Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1992-07-02: Plaza De Toros De Valencia, Valencia, Spain
  • 1992-07-03: Palacio De Los Deportes De La Comunidad De Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • 1992-09-09: MTV Video Music Awards, Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 1992-09-10: No on 9 Benefit, Portland Meadows, Portland, OR, USA
  • 1992-09-11: Washington Music Industry Coalition Benefit, Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA, USA
  • 1992-10-03: Sam Carver Gymnasium, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA
  • 1992-10-04: Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA, USA, USA
  • 1993-01-16: Hollywood Rock Festival, Estádio Cícero Pompeu De Toledo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 1993-01-23: Hollywood Rock Festival, Praça Da Apoteose, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • 1993-09-23: Saturday Night Live Rehearsal, NBC Studios, New York, NY, USA
  • 1993-10-18: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • 1993-10-21: Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS, USA
  • 1993-10-22: Palmer Alumni Auditorium, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA, USA
  • 1993-10-23: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 1993-10-26: MECCA Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • 1993-10-29: Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Detroit, MI, USA
  • 1993-10-30: Hara Arena, Dayton, OH, USA
  • 1993-10-31: James a. Rhodes Arena, University of Akron, Akron, OH, USA
  • 1993-11-02: Auditorium de Verdun, Verdun, QC, Canada
  • 1993-11-04: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 1993-11-05: Alumni Arena, University at Buffalo, Amherst, NY, USA
  • 1993-11-09: Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA
  • 1993-11-10: Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USA
  • 1993-11-12: George Wallace Civic Center, Fitchburg, MA, USA
  • 1993-11-13: Bender Arena, American University, Washington, DC, USA
  • 1993-11-14: New York Coliseum, New York, NY, USA
  • 1993-11-15: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
  • 1993-11-27: AT & T Amphitheater at Bayfront Park, Miami, FL, USA
  • 1993-11-29: Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA, USA
  • 1993-12-02: Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center, Tallahassee, FL, USA
  • 1993-12-03: Senator Nat G. Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, USA
  • 1993-12-05: Fair Park Coliseum, Dallas, TX, USA
  • 1993-12-08: Travel and Transportation Building, State Fair Park, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  • 1993-12-13: MTV Live and Loud Rehearsal, Pier 48, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1994-01-07: Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1994-02-06: Pavilhão do Grupo Dramático e Sportivo de Cascais, Cascais, Portugal

Tracking down/adding originals for cover songs

Oh Me by The Meat Puppets Meat Puppets II Oh Me
D-7 by The Wipers (already found) D-7
No Quarter by Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy No Quarter
Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused
Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam by The Vaselines (already found) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
Son Of A Gun by The Vaselines (already found) Son Of A Gun
Stojim Na Kantunu by Ðavoli Hallo lulu 22 Stojim Na Kantunu
Love Buzz by Shocking Blue At Home Love Buzz
White Lace And Strange by Thunder And Roses (unknown) White Lace And Strange
Cobwebs and strange by The Who (unknown) Cobwebs and strange
Ramble On by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II Ramble On
Turnaround by Devo (already found) Turnaround
Molly's Lips by The Vaselines (already found) Molly's Lips
More than a feeling by Boston Boston More than a feeling
Dream on by Aerosmith Aerosmith Dream on
Do You Love Me ] by Kiss (already found) Do You Love Me]
Baba O' Riley by The Who Who's Next Baba O' Riley
My Sharona by The Knack (already found) My Sharona
Jealousy by Viletones Screaming Fist +2 EP Possibilities
Return Of The Rat by The Wipers Is This Real? Return Of The Rat
I feel fine by The Beatles I Feel Fine (single) I feel fine
Kids of America by Kim Wilde Kids in America (single) Kids of America
Lake Of Fire by The Meat Puppets Meat Puppets II Lake Of Fire
867-5309 Jenny by Tommy Tutone (already found) 867-5309 Jenny
Anarchy In The UK by Sex Pistols (already found) Anarchy In The UK NOTE
Plateau by The Meat Puppets (unknown) Plateau
If I gave my heart to you by The Beatles A Hard Day's Night If I fell NOTE
All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding All Along the Watchtower
Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin (already found) Heartbreaker NOTE
Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown
Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (already found) Immigrant Song
Twilight Zone by Theme from TV show (unknown) Twilight Zone
Here She Comes Now by The Velvet Underground (already found) Here She Comes Now
Even flow by Pearl Jam Ten Even flow
Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV Stairway To Heaven
We Wish You A Merry Christmas by [traditional] (already found)
I'm a Vegetarian by Devo Be Stiff EP Satisfaction
Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks (already found)
Moby dick by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II Moby dick
Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV Rock and Roll
How Many More Times by Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin How Many More Times
Donuts ] by The Legend! (already found) Donuts]
Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 (unknown) Sunday Bloody Sunday
Wild Thing by Troggs (unknown) Wild Thing
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Cher (already found) Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel (already found) Mrs. Robinson
Trophy by (unknown) (unknown) Trophy
What's Up by 4 Non Blondes (unknown) What's Up
Sweet emotion by Aerosmith Toys in the Attic Sweet emotion
Where Did You Sleep Last Night by American traditional, covering Lead Belly's version (unknown) Where Did You Sleep Last Night
The Rose by Bette Midler (unknown) The Rose
L'amour est un oiseau rebelle by Bizet L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult Agents of Fortune Don't Fear The Reaper
Get together by Chet Powers (author) / Kingston Trio (performer) Let's Get Together Get together
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River Bad Moon Rising
The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie (unknown) The Man Who Sold The World
California Über Alles by Dead Kennedys California Über Alles (single) California Über Alles
Smoke on the water by Deep Purple (unknown) Smoke on the water
Rio by Duran Duran Rio (album) Rio
The Money Will Roll Right In by Fang (unknown) The Money Will Roll Right In
Sex Bomb by Flipper (unknown) Sex Bomb
TV Eye by Iggy Pop (unknown) TV Eye
Run to the hills by Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast Run to the hills
Red Dress by Jad Fair (unknown) Red Dress
Small Town by John Mellencamp (unknown) Small Town
Going Blind by Kiss (unknown) Going Blind
Love Gun by Kiss Love Gun Love Gun
Grey Goose by Lead Belly (unknown) Grey Goose
They Hung Him On A Cross by Lead Belly (unknown) They Hung Him On A Cross
Ain't It A Shame by Leadbelly (unknown) Ain't It A Shame
Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird (single) Freebird
Sweet home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd Second Helping Sweet home Alabama
At A Crawl by Melvins Six Songs At A Crawl
Safety Dance by Men Without Hats Safety Dance (single) Safety Dance
Hummingbirds From Hell by Nirvana (1960's) (unknown) Hummingbirds From Hell
Another One Bites The Dust by Queen Another One Bites The Dust (single) Another One Bites The Dust
We will rock you by Queen News Of The World We will rock you
The Void by Raincoats The Raincoats The Void
The Greatest Gift by Scratch Acid (unknown) The Greatest Gift
Play that funky music by Sly and the Family Stone (unknown) Thank you
Run, Rabbit, Run! by Smack On You (album) Run Rabbit Run NOTE
Kill Yr Idols by Sonic Youth Kill Yr Idols (single) Kill Yr Idols
I wanna be your dog by Stooges The Stooges I wanna be your dog
All you need is love by The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour EP All you need is love
Yellow Submarine by The Beatles (unknown) Yellow Submarine
Moving in Stereo by The Cars The Cars Moving in Stereo
My Best Friend's Girl by The Cars The Cars My Best Friend's Girl
Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash (unknown) Should I Stay Or Should I Go
The End by The Doors (unknown) The End
I'm a boy by The Who I'm a boy (single) I'm a boy

Combined setlist info

Section removed - I find that LiveNirvana has already done this work with access to more complete info than I can hope to have.

Modify this url to find the show you need (need to change the /90/ and the date).

Correct Song Identification

Jesus * Sunbeam - We've standardized on "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam"

Where Did You Sleep Last Night - We've standardized on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" (With the question mark)

Heart-Shaped Box - Except for a few release titles where other reasons exist, titles and tracks all ought to include the hyphen.

The "Fun" ones... 

Ok, first, Sad, Seed, and Sappy. These are among the oldest, most renamed songs. Then let's also throw in "Verse Chorus Verse", just because it's so intertwined...

In 1988, Kurt released a demo tape he'd made, which he titled "'Mellow, 4-track shit". It had three songs on it: Sad, Polly, and Seed.

(Actually, he released a few tapes, one which was just the three songs, one had 4 other songs, and one with all 7 songs)

Now if that were the end of it, things would be easy. Problem is, Kurt didn't label the tape. And, he liked to change the names of songs. However, he did refer to the songs, naming them (as quoted in the officially licensed book _Come_As_You_Are_). There also exist a few early setlists with some of these names on them. Thus, it's possible to track 2 of the songs through their various name changes.

  • Sad: Identified from early setlists, it was later retitled Trophy for a short while in November 1989. The first known use of "Trophy" was a setlist from 11/9/1989. The last known use for that title was 11/22/1989. It then was soon after renamed as "Sappy". (On the setlist, by the way, recall that these were Kurt songs, not Nirvana, so it would be listed as a "new song" for Nirvana at the time, even if not necessarily for Kurt himself). Each version had somewhat different lyrics, and thus probally ought to be properly identified by the correct name for the time. So...
    • Prior to Nov 9, 1989: Use "Sad"
    • Between Nov 9, 1989 and Nov 22, 1989: Use "Trophy"
    • After Nov 22, 1989 (and as listed on all official releases): Use "Sappy"
    • Mislabels I know of:
      • Seed
      • The Rocker
      • Happy Again
      • Make Him Happy
      • The Grasshopper
      • No Alternative
      • Laundry Room
      • Another Rule
      • Everything And Nothing
      • Final Flight
      • Happy
      • Happy Hour
      • If You Kill Yourself
      • Make You Happy
      • Mistero
      • Shappy
      • Untitled III
      • Verce Chorus Verse
    • Sometimes also confused and mislabeled as: Verse Chorus Verse
  • Polly: Lyrics never really changed, but the name did change over time. Initially, Kurt supposedly named it "Hitchhiker". When he referred to it later, it was "Cracker". However, whenever he wrote it in a setlist, and when it was released, the name "Polly" was used.
    • Mislabels I know of: (None)
  • Seed: Seed is the most difficult, as it was rarely played. It was never really a Nirvana song - more a Kurt song. The only time it ever was released was on the box set. Because it wasn't a Nirvana song, but Krist and Dave were trying to include at least some early stuff (the lawsuit with Courtney was blocking them using some early material), they included it, but weren't sure of the title. They ended up just using a title from one of the bootlegs. This one is basically only easy to ID because copies of Kurt's tape are themselves available, allowing people to narrow down which three songs he meant when he referred to "Seed, Sad, and Cracker". Now, from above, we already know which songs are Sad and "Cracker", which just leaves one song which can possibly be "Seed". We then can use the lyrics and tune from that track to ID it again on those few times it was played live.
    • Mislabels I know of:
      • Don't Want It All
      • Misery Loves Company
      • Unexpected
      • Spectre
      • Maiden Circle
      • Look For Company
      • The Extreme
    • Sometimes also confused and mislabeled as: Sad / Molly's Lips
  • Verse Chorus Verse: Because the name was reused more than a few times, it was always difficult to narrow down just what rare song was which, and which rare song Kurt actually ended up giving the title "Verse Chorus Verse" to. The box set release identified one song as VCV, which allowed a lot of the other confusions to fall away. Most of the time, though, (including on the No Alternative CD), people were referring to Sappy, but calling it VCV.

Bootlegs that still need covers to be found

Where Were You in '89? Blind Pig Revolutionary Debris
It's All Going Wrong Dressed for Success Live in Japan
The Smell of... Jesus Doesn't Want Me Nevermind the Bollocks!
A Tribute to the Vaselines (disc 2 Japanese Bombing (disc 3) Saturday Night Not So Live
Akoustika Live 1994 Krist Jamming See You Soon
Alternative Live, Volume 1 Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 1) Shotgun Wedding
American Acoustic Tour 1993 Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 2) Smells Best...
Bleach Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 3) Smells Best...
Breed - The Nevermind Sessions Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 4) Smells Like Cover Versions
Cash Cow Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 5) Smells Like Teen Spirit 2003
Come (As You Are) Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 6) The Bark Not the Bite
Come as You Are 2003 (Andy Caldwell's remix) Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 7) The Best of Nirvana
Coming Down Heavy Legacy 1988-1994 (disc 8) The Birth of Alternative, Volume 1
Deluxe / Milk / BJ / So Right / Lithium Live & Alive, Volume 2 The Club
Early Single Collection, Volume 1 Live at Five The Ghost of Seattle: The TV EP, Volume 1
Endless, Nameless / Goo Is You Live in Vienna 1989 The Interview
Fighting the 'N' Factor Live, Volume 1 The Last American Concert
Funky Boots One (disc 2) Live, Volume 2 The Last Cry
Golden Collection Make Me Sick The Last Goodbye
Golden Collection 2000 Marie The Lost Concert
Grange Buffet Missing in Action The Lost Concert
Halloween Stranger Mixed Bizness The Nirvana EP
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 1 (disc 1: Studio Sessions) Nevermind The Very Best
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 1 (disc 2: More Studio Sessions) Nevermind / All Apologies Then You Wouldn't Have to Ask Me (disc 2: Electric)
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 1 (disc 3: Unreleased Demos and Outtakes) Nevermind Sessions Try It, You'll Like It
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 1 (disc 4: Live and Unreleased) New Years Eve Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 2
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 2 New Years Eve Unhappy (disc 1)
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 2 Noose Unhappy (disc 2)
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 2 (disc 1) Pain Unplugged
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 2 (disc 2) Plugged Unplugged & In Utero: The Demos
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 4 Plugged / Unplugged (disc 1) Unplugged and More
Heart Shaped Box, Volume 6 Plugged / Unplugged (disc 2) Unplugged in New York
Heart-Shaped Box Plugged: Limited Edition Picture CD Unplugged Live
Heroes and Heroin Rare Take & Tracks, Volume 2 Welcome DJ EP 04
I Hate Myself and Want to Die (2 disk) Rare Tracks, Volume IV YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 10 (disc 3: Dew Army)
In a Land Far Far Away Rare Unreleased
In Italy, Volume One Rarities (disc 1)
In Italy, Volume Two Reciprocal Studio Demos
Japanese Bombing (disc 1) Roma... Final Board