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This is a page for trying out typographic conventions.


  •<entity> (italic)
  •<entity> (bold)
  •<entity> (bold italic)
  •<entity> (tt, should be fixed width)
  •<entity> (fixed width italic)
  •<entity> (fixed width bold)
  •<entity> (fixed width bold italic)
  •<entity> (fixed width w/ all italic, which is what the O'Reilly guide suggests but I don't think the replaceable text stands out enough this way)
  •<entity> (fixed width bold w/ all italic)

Entities in sentences?

  • An artist is not an artist. (tt)
  • An artist in not an artist. (tt italic)
  • an artist is not an artist (css font-family:monospace , should be fixed width but note it's smaller)

Monospace tests


So, note. Monospace will default (for most sytems) to smaller-than-body-text unless you put in a dummy font-family first. So:

<span style="font-family:mono-workaround, monospace;">Foo</span>


from foo import bar

I don't like the gray.

from foo import bar

this is a block quote w/ monospace and a border just for kicks

<code>from markdown import code_block_style</code>

markdown uses <pre><code> to format code blocks

The O'Reilly way

from O'Reilly
Filenames, file extensions (such as .jpeg), directory paths, commands in Unix, Oracle, SQL, and Linux books Body font italic
URLs, URIs, email addresses Body font italic
Emphasized words (shouting!) Body font italic
First instance of a technical term Body font italic
Code blocks Constant width
Registry keys Constant width
Language and script elements: class names, types, namespaces, attributes, methods, variables, keywords, functions, modules, commands, properties, parameters, values, objects, events, XML and HTML tags, and similar elements. Some examples include: System.Web.UI, a while loop, the Socket class, and the Obsolete attribute. Exception: commands in Unix, Oracle, SQL, and Linux book, which are regular italics. Constant width
Replaceable items (placeholder items in syntax); “username” in the following example is a placeholder: "login: username" Constant width italic
Commands or text to be typed by the user Constant width bold
Line annotations Body font italic (but smaller)
Placeholders in paths, directories, GUI items, URLs, or other text that would be italic anyway http://www.<yourname>.com
Keyboard accelerators (Ctrl, Shift, etc.), menu titles, menu options, menu buttons Body text