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Status: This page describes an active advanced relationship proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-331:Release_Group included in Release_Group
Champion: user:Caller_number_six
Current status: active


JIRA ticket


This links two release group when one, typically a compilation or multi-disc collection, includes another.

A release group "includes" another when it retains:

  • The track list in essentially the same order as the original
  • The original title, possibly as a medium title, a super-title in the track list, or in reproduced cover art

Link Phrases

  • Forward link phrase: includes
  • Reverse link phrase: included in
  • Long link phrase: includes


This relationship type doesn't allow any attributes.


A release group generally doesn't "include" singles unless it is explicitly a compilation of singles. To link a single to the album it appears on, use the Single from relationship.